Black and white or full color?

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I write resumes . LOVE writing them but don't do it often. Thinking for the summer I put up some flyers around town to get some business and help more people. Trying to decide if my flyers should be black and white and maybe on colored paper or full color and super professional looking with pictures of business people. What do you think?

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    Color attracts the eye.

    But I'm not convinced photos of business people is the thing to do. I don't think a person looking for work wakes up in the morning and says "oh boy, do I aspire to wear a business suit!" There's got to be another graphic that more closely ties in to the hopes of people who need a resume.
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    I dont know what would work BUT I do know that If it were me this is the first thing that I would try.

    A flyer using high quality resume type paper, yellow color

    A headline like
    Attention Job Seekers
    Professional resume writer reveals the top 3 secrets
    to getting your resume noticed over the competition

    Then list 3 main reasons and hopefully making more money is in there somehow. And

    Then a few bullet points as to why they should call you along with some type of call to action like free paper upgrade or a coupon(whatever makes sense to you)
    Promise Big.
    Deliver Bigger.
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    Depends if you want to write resumes for 'suits' or creative, IM people.
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    When I see black and white flyers I think " amature who can't afford a real flyer "...and I don't even read it because I don't want a noob battling his learning curve on my project. 2 cents is Look professional to get treated like one
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      I'm not sure exactly what would be best for this... But Yellow color Paper with black ink really catches the eyes... Also hot pink colored paper works really well. Good luck!
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    Resumes tend to be black and white for the traditional aspect of employment so I would suggest designing your ad in a resume type setting in black and white. Sometimes, simplicity creates that air of perfection
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    I'd go with full color.

    Plus, you said you were going to use photos of business people. Do a split screen.

    On the left have someone in their pajamas on the couch with their hair messed up, then the right have them in business attire to show what your resume writing can do!!

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing

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    Thank you all for your amazing advice! It's super helpful. I will consider all of it before making a flyer choice. Thank you SO very much.

    keep moving forward

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    Either can work. If you aren't going to go for full color - I would use a bright color. A neon yellow or pink. They stand out more.

    A full color photo creates different images and will appeal to different people.
    A bold headline you can read from across the room is a must. I would make your headline more direct than creative.

    Make sure to use tear tags. The tear tags make a huge difference.
    If you print the flyers in volume you can usually get full color from a commercial printer
    a fairly good rate - .17 to .30 per piece.

    I would get multiple sizes letter size, ledger sizes and some postcard sizes flyers. You leave the postcards in small stacks. If you can get a card stand the postcards will work better.

    David Alger
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