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I am looking for a green screen (portable roll-type) for capturing video for local clients. I have searched the internet and found tons of options but looking for any recommendations on specific green screens that you guys have used.

I already have the frame & cross-bar,just need a recommendation on a roll or fabric green screen that I can hang.

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    Amazon is your friend.
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    I have found that any green type of fabric can work.

    However you do want to make sure that the fabric doesn't reflect light. What I mean by this is that there is no shine coming off of the fabric itself.

    Felt has worked well in the past, but it is a bit heavy.

    Also you want to make sure you can get the fabric as flat as possible (non-wrinkled).

    The more wrinkles the fabric has or will have will make it so much harder to take out in your software program because the wrinkles cause different refractions of light which can confuse the editing software.

    Finally, there are a ton of videos on youtube about how to create green screens and blue screens.
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