[Local Online Marketing] How-To Help Your Clients: Interview with Claude Whitacre

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You're probably familiar with Claude, who's a regular on this forum.

Claude is a sales expert, but also is a pro at local online marketing.

Local online marketing is a subject I know very little about. All of my business is with remote clients. So it has been a topic I've wanted to interview Claude on for almost two years now. Today, I interviewed Claude and he spoke in detail concerning his experience with what really works with local online marketing. We cover questions like:
  • How did Claude discover local online marketing?
  • Does local online marketing replace print advertising?
  • What is the most effective way to advertise online?
  • What's the difference between local online marketing and selling online?
  • What about Facebook?
  • What's the difference between what Claude does, and SEO?
  • Can business owners do this on their own?

And a whole lot more!

It's a 40-minute interview, so settle in with your notepad and popcorn.

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