Anyone here does flyers?

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Have you done flyer marketing recently and how is that working for you?
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    I've tried Flyer marketing. Handing out flyers to local businesses but it's hard to get a project since most businesses are small and are trying to make as much profit as they can rather than spending money to better themselves.

    Professional Designer with 8 years experience. I enjoy what I do! See for yourself.

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    Did it a couples of years ago and didn't work very well.

    I prefer to create real face to face contact as i'm realy realy good in closing sales
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    The secret to making flyers work for you is to create a campaign that is going to last at least six months to a year.

    Handing out flyers once outside the coffee shop does not work. You need a consistent campaign over a protracted period of time for it to start paying off.

    Naturally you will need a GOOD flyer design first, even if you do send out thousands and the flyer is crap then that is no good. So first find out what GOOD flyer design is then commit to a long term program.

    Make a deal with the local weekly paper to have your flyer in it for no less than 6 months and you will start getting results.

    Most people who say they tried fliers did it once / or until the first batch of flyers were up and then say "flyers do not work"
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    I haven't done it personally. But I've consulted a water container washing company that has been successful with them. Make a great direct response flyer and a service most of the recipients might want. If it's a service as the one I mentioned, remind them in the message the benefits and risks they are exponsing themselves by not washing their containers or carpets, etc. You might want to have a 800 number with call id service and ability to record a message.
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      i think it very much depends on the business. i have a friend who runs a restaurant and he says that a lot of people don't take flyers for restaurants or if they do then they don't follow-up and eat there as they are often just passing by and may not go back to the area where the restaurant is situated.

      On the other hand if i received a flyer for something to do with helping with home or garden improvements or window cleaning then i would be more likely to follow it up.

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