Why you should consider "instant chat" for your clients

by ronr
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I'm working with a mid 7 figure company that sells an educational service to a niche market. Average sale is $7,000.

The service isnt' the easiest to understand at first and because of the nature of the service probably 90% of people have questions before they purchase. I've done a number of things to the website to help explain the program including videos.

However, some questions can only be answered by talking to someone, but a good percentage of people are reluctant to call the 800 number because they are are afraid of getting sold.

One of the best things I've done to help that is install instant chat. If you try it be sure to use one that has proactive chat. You can set it so after a certain amount of time a window pops up asking if they need help. 80% of chats come from the proactive feature. Only 20% from people clicking on button asking to chat.

It's been a great non-threatning way to start to engage people who come to the site.
We've found that many people who at first aren't interested enough to call at first, still have questions and are willing to chat.

I've trained the chat agents to be friendly, answer questions. take them to pages on the site that explains the part of the program they have questions about. With every chat they are instructed at the end to try to get them to optin or get their phone and contact info. They are getting an average of 3-5 new strong leads each day doing this.

If you plan to do this make sure have one or more chat agent who will quickly respond to a chat if requested. Nothing will kill it faster than a person requestiing a chat and no one responds.

If you have a client with a higher end product/service that ususally needs you to educate the prospect or answer questions before they purchase, Give this a try. It makes you look like a hero for doing it. :-)

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    Thanks Ron.

    Backs up my point and research which shows
    you get more sales by helping people make a buying decision.

    An experiment was done to get people to sign up after
    they abandoned ghd shopping cart.

    Salespeople v's customer support was the test.

    Customer support was the winner.

    They were better at helping them buy.

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      Here's a page how other companies are using instant chat to engage and interact with prospects. It's a testimonial page for the service we are using but it does give you ideas of the types businesses are using instant chat. Even local dentists and real estate companies are using it successfully

      Success Stories | SnapEngage Live Chat
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