Destination URLs On the Way Out. New AdWords Feature - Upgraded URLs

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Hi Warriors,

I wanted to give anyone using URL tracking parameters or third-party tracking services with their AdWords ads a quick heads up. AdWords is doing away with destination URLs.

The ."Destination URL" field is being replaced with the new "Final URL" field.

Here's what you need to know:
  • If you don't use tracking, you're all set. Your destination URLs will become final URLs automatically later this year.
  • If you do use tracking, don't rush out and update all your existing ad's settings. Doing so triggers an ad review and resets your performance stats. Instead wait for now, AdWords is working on solution to update destination URLs to final URLs without resetting performance stats.
  • Do start using the new "Final URL" field for all new ads you create from this point forward.

Currently, updating destination URLs triggers a re-review of your entire destination URL and your ads stop running while your URL is re-reviewed interrupting your business for a period of time. One of the big advantages to the upgraded URL feature is you will now be able to update your tracking parameters without resetting ad stats, and without triggering a re-review of your landing page.

Here's a page that explains how to manage tracking and redirects in URL options.

Here's the announcement on Google's official blog for AdWords:
Inside AdWords: Get faster and easier URL tracking with new Upgraded URLs
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