Best Self Hosted Click Trackers+ ?

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Anyone know what the best self hosted click trackers are, that have additional features than just tracking ?

Ideally I would like to find something on par with click magic, but guessing that's probably not going to happen.
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    What about prosper202? I'm not really sure what features click magic has?
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    The is the best self hosted tracking software. It shortens links, tracks clicks, redirects them, targets them, does live intelligent testing and optimizes every single click you get in high def color and detail - helping you pull more profits out everything you do.
    It has additiona features like:
    Affiliate pixel tracking and postback URL
    Mobile browser detection
    IP Rotation & Redirection
    Built-in Geo Targeting
    Split testing and Conversion Tracking
    Real Time Analytics - you get full suite of stats and reporting including detailed tracking information about every single click your link receives, as it happens.

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    If you want complete analytics I highly recommend Piwik. Its free and pretty easy to use.
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    Piwik is good
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    Demon Tracking and PPV Demon are 2 of the best self-hosted tracking systems. I recommend for anything that is not self-hosted.
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      I've used demon tracking for ppv for quite awhile and I must say it's solid and easy to set up, it's just the display is so clunky when I look at stats. I still use it though.
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    cpv labs is a good choice, but its abit of headache to get it setup
    but some hosting sites like beyondhost will set it all up for you
    $900 off a fully active gold member MOBE account (full price $2000)...message me if your interested
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    Piwik is a good site to track your clicks. You can have a try there. You will find something better than others,
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