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Does anyone do Facebook ppc sucessfully with cpa offers?
I've done one campaign so far and it was profitable however this was more done for me than anything else. Decided to go at it alone as that's the only way i'm really going to learn.

Spent $30 on post engagement $0.34cpc so far equalling 54 clicks and no conversions :/ I've got a quality score of 7/10 plus I've targeted fairly relevant audiences . I keep seeing Facebook ppc is super cheap and converts really well. Yet my one page submit has 54 clicks and nothing. I am direct linking and while i know that isn't the best option I just thought i'd test that out then build it out with a landing page etc

So should I have paid for clicks to website? Or have I picked a bad offer even tho max bounty is reporting $0.69 epc. I actually don't know what i'm doing wrong. So if anyone could help you would be saving my sanity.

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    Welcome to Internet Marketing.

    It's all trial and error.

    May be your offer. Your PPC campaign may also not be optimized or filtered correctly. The smaller the audience the better. You want more targeted clicks and when it comes to clicks for sales you shouldn't expect more than a 1-2% conversion unless you have extremely well targeted clicks coming.

    So wait for more clicks, 50 is nothing, and spend more money, $30 is a small test for a marketing campaign. If there was an easy way to make good return on $30 with CPA then everyone would be doing it because everyone can afford that. Raise the bar. Think BIG!

    Have fun!

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      Hi thanks for replying!!! so even cpa offers such as email submits / one page submits convert at 1-2% ? AHH see someone not long ago said with lead gen if its one page/email it should convert out of every 8 clicks or something similar. Quite glad you've mentioned $30 being tiny to spend on testing is nothing keep reading all these amazing claims and thinking i'm failing terribly...
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    Well if you're just trying to get their email info then, no, you want to have at least a 10%-20% opt in for PPC.

    I was under the impression you're just sending clicks straight to CPA offer.

    Just try to better target your clicks. As many filters as you can think of.

    Want to learn how to EFFECTIVELY advertise online? Check it out!

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      Again thanks for replying. I have gone straight to quant cast and now looking into reporting. Hopefully I'll be able to get something out of either!! Will update how its gone....
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    Post engagement or website click?
    They both have different measurement.
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