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Has anyone ran a compaign for the keywords, "make money online"?

Its like .30 per click.

What was the quality like?
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    Rubbish traffic, fake traffic and bots. Run some traffic with them if you want, or better yet take your family out to a nice restaurant. good luck
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    fake clicks, fake traffic, but in some niches people are doing well.

    You just gotta learn how to block the bad IP's and traffic bearers.

    But in my personal opinion, they are imploding and not getting better each week, but the opposite.
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        Originally Posted by weebytraffic View Post

        If you want good results you can try our targeted premium traffic.We are one of the largest pop under advertising providers. We specialize in providing highly targeted visitors to thousands of clients each months by utilizing a combination of full page pop under windows and contextual targeting.
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        Lol@1 post. And you want people to take you seriously.

        C'mon man. Show proofs that your traffic generates something, leads, sales, whatever, and if I were you I wouldn't advertise anything with my first post. That's a no-no for any forum.
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    Yeah i think so not good
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      Maybe I'm missing something, but the whole "make money online" thing is frustrating by itself and 7search has nothing to do with it. It's like an ABC of internet marketing.

      XML Feed Manager @
      Always looking for new advertisers and publishers

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    Actually I would stay away from 7search and 7search Display ads. They have tons of traffic but its really low quality. Try Bing Ads instead
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    stay away from 7search! they are sucks :/ I recently tried 7search.. they only give me tons of clicks without any lead! Now, I have around $50 in my fund and wanted to refund but I read in their policy.. they will take $25 as settings or maintenance fee!! so, I will get only $25!! So, I decided to spend them all lol if i see any positive result.. I will let you know here.
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    This is the worst of the worst networks they are a bunch of thieves. My experience with them has been poor. I would pre-warn anyone that is looking to use this service stay away. You are throwing your money away. The guys that run this company should be put in jail. Their traffic claims and conversions that they say are just lies and they are a spam service. Without getting into details of the nightmare I would ask them these 3 questions
    1. Why do my tools and including the big engines analytics tools do not see any of their traffic
    2. Ask for a guarantee that if you are no happy for a full refund
    3. Ask the spam provider actual proof of where the traffic comes from (although they will tell it comes from search engine TRAFFIC, their actual traffic comes from spamming people with pop ups.

    I am on a crusade to expose this company and every opportunity I get to comment on this bunch of crooks I will expose them. Advisers I highly recommend not using this company. There better and real traffic providers that are honest and will work with you.
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    ------------>NEVER NEVER USE THEM! <---------------
    I can say they are the worst network I ever had a chance to use.
    A week ago I deposited $50, Used the initial $25 coupon and all went for nothing. The traffic was weird, After 1 min 10 clicks, When I traced the clicks with prosper202 The system recognized just 30% of the clicks and some of them had repeated clicks. After I asked for refund, The did me hell, And I got of $44 only $6 cause the reduce the initial $25 + $12 refund fee. bottom line DO NOT USE THEM
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    7search is the worst company i have paid them 50 $ for traffic but they havnt even activated my account and they got my 50 $ as well...
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    The traffic from 7Search is very hit and miss. I've managed to get it to convert to sales but there's no consistency at all.
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    Have anyone had any good results with 7 Search at all?

    I tried to use their feature for blocking bad traffic but didn't really figure out how it works.
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      Originally Posted by Javisito View Post

      Have anyone had any good results with 7 Search at all?

      I tried to use their feature for blocking bad traffic but didn't really figure out how it works.
      It's really hard to get results with 7search. You will focus on blocking bad publishers rather then learn how to maximize earnings.
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      I have had success with 7 search... Initial few days you will burn some money in figuring out which are the publishers who are not sending the genuine traffic.. You need to block them by sub-ids.
      Once you start blocking them, you will see the quality traffic coming through it...
      If anyone wants to get started with PPC, i would suggest they should start with 7 search. But they need to take care of the above mentioned point, else you guys will loose the money for nothing.
      You get clicks at dirt cheap and dont need to worry about quality score.

      You need to be specific in choosing the niche.. dont choose any niche.. coupons and dating are the niches that converts better in 7 search.
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    I have not good experience with 7search in past.
    Have not tried since Aug 2014
    SELL & BUY Adult Traffic
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    i think not to bad
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    I haven't had good experience but I set up my campaigns and didn't track properly. I just went through some training and I will try them out again.
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    They are geting worse.

    Start with BING, they are not only affordable, but they have high quality traffic, not BOT or FAKE like 7search.

    Fair enough I have heard people doing OK with 7search, but its not that good. Waste of money. Bing is very fast, and very reliable. ANd most of all, done with the right keyword research, with adgroups, can be very cheap.
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