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Hey guys, I've been having good luck with C2C and my insurance call center is making sales however I'm still somewhat green at adwords and not sure if the changes I'm making are positive or not.

My goal is to filter out non-shoppers and target buyers/shoppers.

Originally I had the first campaign as one ad group with a 100 or so phrases and a few good ads. Costs started going up fairly quickly though to $15-20 per call, although the leads were pretty great. Google recommended broader terms to lower costs, however the call quality has gone down considerably. I've added negative keywords however it seems like a perpetual battle to keep out people trying to reach customer service or their state medicaid office.

Should I set it back up as phrases, ditch all broad terms, and just make sure the regions and phrases don't overlap to keep costs down when auto-bidding?

Also, where can I learn everything I should know to be a master at adwords, especially c2c?

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