AdNetworks: Cheaper clicks with more GEOs

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Hi guys,

I have been working with a specific platform with 2 different campaigns and GEOs:
1 campaign per GEO. However this was quite expensive.

But I have been trying
1 campaign with 2 GEOs in the same campaign (same GEO as above):
This means the same keywords and ads for the 2 GEO.

Then I have noticed one interesting thing:
The CPC was way cheaper in the campaign with 2 GEOs rather than the CPC in the campaign with one GEO.

To summarize:
Campaign 1 CPC (2 geos: xxxyyy) << Campaign 2 CPC (Geo: xxx) << Campaign 3 CPC (Geo: yyyy).

Has someone an idea on how it could be possible?

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
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