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by Raydal
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I've been out of hthe PPC game for longer than I want to
admit. Use to run PPC on 7search, Adwords and Bing, but
after the Adwords crackdown I stopped.

Now just to get me feet wet again I took up 7search on
an invitation back and I'm really disappointed in the results
so far. I know that my product sells because it does >4%
with cold traffic, but I'm getting clicks but not even an optin.
So I see this as strange. I checked my stats to see where the
traffic is coming from and that wasn't helpful. I would like
to know where my ads are appearing. Any way to see that?

-Ray Edwards
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    Ray, what tracking are you using? You should be able to see the referrer. I can in CPVLab. If your tracker doesn't let you see the referrer, I would get better tracking. That's pretty basic.

    That being said, you will find that 7search is mostly junk traffic. When you go to the websites that your traffic came from you will often find sites in languages other than the one you are advertising in, blank websites, fake websites, websites completely unrelated to your keywords, and a lot of porn (for non adult keywords).

    You can block the referrers if you have had 7search add the feature to your account. But then you will find that once the bad referrers are blocked, you are left with no traffic.
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    Yeah it was garbage a few years ago when I tried it....
    They Say You Can't...Show Them How
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    Yes. I think traffic 7 search quality
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  • It was not working well for my many years ago...Not sure if they have changed but if you think about it who uses 7search for their search nowadays...I think you may be wasting your time on that one...
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