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Does anybody have a preference as to which occupations/niches they prefer to prospect for in the offline world for PPC services?

Or taken a step further...who would you target for PPC to sell PPC services? Obviously the goal is to get the highest click throughs to get the price down and the way to do that is pick the niche that is likely to want PPC services the most and thus would click through your ads?

Anybody passionate about this?

Go WF!
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  • Virtually every type of business can use and benefit from PPC. I myself am not picky about the type of business that wants my services, although there are some I will still away from. I know some agencies that cater only to certain sectors whether that be real estate, automotive or repair services. If you want to go that way, pick one.
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      OK thanks. But the reason I ask this is that I want to go after prospects that are already doing PPC. These people are probably wasting their money (or spending way too much) because they are doing it in-house or with people who are not qualified to do it. I will be outsourcing to an agency that is top notch and if I go after businesses that don't have experience with PPC...the message will be lost because they will not have felt the pain which is a big selling point.

      The other reason I asked the question is that the people I am outsourcing to only work with companies that have a monthly budget of $1000 (minimum) and a plumber investing $250 a month in trying to get leads this way won't be sold on this.

      Go WF!

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  • I see. But you should have two, even three sales pitches. The first to those NOT using or familiar with PPC and educate them on what it is and how it can benefit them. The second, to those who are already using it and how you can save them money. A third to those who may think they are doing OK with it. Each group will have to be approached in a different way.

    As for your outsource, nothing you can do about them taking on clients with a certain spend. I suppose their fee is a percentage of spend and why they do it. This limits the businesses you can approach.
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