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Since we all rely on our paypal card i have a very peculiar issue that hopefully is affecting SOMEONE out there because the more i get deeper into the issue, the madder i become.

for years i have been using my paypal card at the atm and the pos at the grocery store.

Three weeks ago, the local Bank of America stopped recognizing the card. It says cannot recognize this account. Then the contagion spread and it is now every ATM. Some say bad account number, some say cannot read this transaction and yes I replaced the card with a brand new one and i put it in the machine right after i activated it and still no.

I have called paypal and they tell me this has never happened to anyone before. I checked with Bank of America. They still accept Mastercard and all the networks paypal is associated with.

i cannot change the number on the card because it would close the card and i need it at the POS (grocery store) where it is still working for me, and transfering directly to bank is not an option as it is 3 days to transfer, nor is running to Walmart and asking for cash back three or four times a day as paypal suggested an option.

If anyone has had this happen please let me know and I can either fix it or alert paypal.

Thank you for your assistance
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    I am not american, and i do not live there, so i don't know what is your system like. Why don't you try alerting PayPal, it is their fault, they should handle it, otherwise, the product they are making isn't working, and they need to replace it.
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