Generated 24$ by spending 50$ on paid traffic

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Recently i have started digital marketing. My niche is weight loss. I spent 50$ on paid traffic and generated one sale of 24$. My traffic source is 7Search. Also, i have created a email list of 18. Should i continue this traffic source? or should i change the source? I am not sure whether the ROI is good as i just started building the email list.
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    Hi Sm,

    Spending $50 on advertising is way too little to make any judgement calls. The smaller your data set the less reliable the data. The results you got from such a small ad spend are more than likely completely random results. The next $50 is likely to have a completely different result, it could be the same, much better,or much worse.

    If you were to spend $500 you will have 10 times the data and even then it is too little to be very reliable.

    The other thing that you may be overlooking is that an un-optimized campaign isn't likely to perform nearly as well as a campaign that has been optimized. You need to gather data before you can do the first round of optimizations, and only after several rounds of optimizations will you have a clear indication of just how successful you campaigns are likely to be.

    Your source of traffic, 7Search, is notorious for dubious publishing partners. You must aggressively analysis and block poor performing publishers on a constant basis to filter out the bad publishers in that ad network if you ever expect to make it work.

    With so many variables un-tested it is impossible to say if you have an opportunity to do well, Start working on managing and optimizing your campaigns, at the very least this can be a valuable opportunity for you to learn and develop a process of managing and optimizing your campaigns. That knowledge and experience will likely become very valuable to you in the future.


    Don Burk
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    Did you get the email address of that 1sale? Very impt for us to know that
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      How can i find that from clickbank? I cannot surely predict the source cause i am also sending emails to the list every alternative days. I am not sure how the user hopped into the link. Could be from my emails or the thank you page of my landing page. As the sold product is from clickbank, can i get the email address from the reports in clickbank?
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    This is not a bad result for a first test. When you first start a campaign it is not going to be very tight. As you dial your keywords in you should be able to pull your cost down. If you can build a list for even, then you have something.
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    As mentioned by other guy sample is too small, in Google AdWords patterns may change per day of the week, per hour, location, per season (not limited only to above) .
    You may be bidding on wrong keywords or good keywords in a bad time, your ad text may be not compelling or your landing page could be crap.
    Many factors you have to determine. You need to spend more time and money to find out what works.

    Victorious Marketing
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    Be care full about those traffic most of seller use bots to send fake visitors
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      Yeah... I once figured out that and reported the same. 7Search has credited the money back from that source. From that i was positive about the support of 7Search. I opted it because it has very less minimum amount to be credited. As i am new, i am stringent about my spending. Do you have any picks for me which provide quality traffic at low rates. I understand that quality and cost is directly proportional. But, i need traffic sources with best price

      Thanks in advance
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        Loosen up on that stringency, bc you're going to need to run traffic to collect the data that you need to scale.

        Alvin Tims,
        Online Marketing Dude, Terrible Surfer, Bearded Chauvinist

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    • I disagree with that. I sell traffic without bots. I wasn't going to mention it but some of us are legit.
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    Originally Posted by Sm Revanth View Post

    Recently i have started digital marketing. My niche is weight loss. I spent 50$ on paid traffic and generated one sale of 24$. My traffic source is 7Search. Also, i have created a email list of 18. Should i continue this traffic source? or should i change the source? I am not sure whether the ROI is good as i just started building the email list.
    I think you should - spending 50 bucks is nowhere near enough to conclude a test. As a rule of thumb, I would at least spend around $300 on any new test campaign to see if you can find some converting keywords ... which looks like you already did so great job!

    All you now need to do is trim the dead wood (i.e. the non converting keywords which cause you a loss) and run/tweak the ones which make you a profit and are converting. You're definitely already on the right track so keep it up

    Read my incredible story:
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    You can check out how the biggies are doing that and for what keywords.
    Ahrefs is a good tool to peep on your PPC competitors.
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  • Hi,

    YES, you should continue investing more dollars now. Because in just $50 you get one sale which is really good result . If you have budget of atleast $500 than undoubtedly you can invest it. But make sure to follow the right process.

    Good luck
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    Don Burk is right, you need to do a larger test to tell if you have a viable marketing plan. Running ads is all about testing and tweaking until you get it right.
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    To get a sale in 7Search in a competitive niche like weight loss, spending only $50 is not too bad. However I would continue to tweak my ads, run different ad sets for targeting, split test, and most definitely track so that you know the quality of the traffic and where my optins are coming from.

    Furthermore, your funnel needs to be optimized so that you are making most of your money on the backend with the list of 18 you've already captured.

    I would also suggest advertising on Bing... right now I believe they are giving away $200 credit for new signups. It's not as cheap as 7Search but the quality is better.

    Good luck!
    FREE Training Reveals: How To Make Your First $500 In Just 5 Days! https://
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    The sample size is too small to judge with. In Google AdWords, patterns can change haphazardly. Again, you might be bidding on good keywords in a bad time or wrong keywords entirely or your ad content could not be compelling enough or with a crap landing page, a lot of factors can be responsible. So you will need to spend more money and time to find out what works.
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    18 is too small a list to make money from. I would concentrate on building your list with highly targeted traffic aimed at your niche.
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    Hey there,

    First question: Why 7Search?

    Second question: Do you have tracking in place? It doesn't sound like it if you don't know where that sale came from.

    Third question: What are you doing differently now than you were a couple of weeks ago?

    Weight loss is a tough vertical but you can rock it with the right resources and offer.

    Have a CPA Affiliate Marketing Question?: Click Here And Ask While There Is Still Time

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