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I have a product selling website. And I have added few of my products in amazon too. I want to get more sale from amazon, for that i have decided to run Facebook ads. Can I do PPC using my amazon product link? If it possible how can I know that how many purchased my products who came through Facebook ad?
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    If you have products in amazon i suggest to use amazon PPC
    They have that option to promote your products directly inside amazon
    About facebook yes you can promote amazon products but i have no idea how to track the conversion because i never sold on amazon but i think you should have some stats on amazon from where the traffic comes from

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    I think Bing ads could help you getting more sales... On the other hand, to know which traffic source is making sales, you should use a tracker to have everyhting under control...

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    I would not promote Amazon with PPC, if I had my own website like you say you do I would be promoting that website instead.
    The idea above about using Amazon promotions inside Amazon makes sense to me however... make sure you are always making a profit, or there is no point in any of this of course.

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    Whether the product you are promoting with facebook ad would convert depends on the type of product. Facebook ad is also great at targeting people interested in your product. So you can definitely use facebook ad to promote some amazon product.

    Inside your amazon traffic statistics is where you know the number of traffic that are coming from facebook and the number of them that are going ahead to buy the product.
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    Hello, I would say the traffic analytics should tell you which sources your leads are from.

    I would also personally advise as someone else did against having facebook ads go to Amazon. The reason?

    Well, there are too many ways to "escape" from buying your product on Amazon. Other similar products competing to yours on the same page with links to buy them. Search tools and links taking the customer away from your products.

    I believe a simple "squeeze page" or sales letter would have a higher conversion. This would be a simple page with your product and buying buttons possibly linked to Paypal (see example at bottom of my message) - without any links to take them away from your product. That alone will increase coversions.

    You can also measure more closely the conversion of these Facebook leads if you drive them specifically to a landing page for the Facebook ad.

    That way, you will control more of the process and there is less chance to 'escape' from the sale. I would also say it is nice to have your product on Amazon, but I personally wpuld view the objective is to capture the customer for my own personal business.

    Then I can have a list of buyers who have bought from me and use email marketing and multiple products to create my own self-sufficient business that will survive if any trend in Amazon makes it more difficult to sell there, or whatever.

    That way, I can use my own customer list without paying merchant fees to Amazon either. So the goal for me would be to take the customer off of amazon and make them into my own customer.
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    Its better to run Amazon Sponsored Products(linked website will help you in setting up the ads) rather than running Facebook ads. Amazon PPC will give you more returns when compared with Facebook ads.
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