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After initially being accepted, my educational service website was disabled for alleged violation of webmaster guidelines.

I have tried very hard to understand what guideline(s) I am unintentionally violating but have been unable to figure this out, after reading multiple times through the two online documents ("Abusing the Ad Network" and "Webmaster Guidelines") I was sent the links for.

I took a guess, made some changes and resubmitted my website (a single/landing page, actually) for consideration but was again told that I am in violation of guidelines.

Apparently the policy at AdWords is to not tell people what rule they are believed to be violating. When I politely posted a request for assistance at the community forum (in the appropriate category, Policies), my post was quickly deleted, without explanation.

I am searching for suggestions as to the best way of figuring out what AdWords objects to, so I can make the necessary modifications. I'm not including my domain name/URL here because I don't know whether that's allowed. I'm willing to post the URL either here or wherever it would be appropriate. I am also willing to pay someone a reasonable fee for this assistance, as long as the person is not just guessing but has the expertise to be fairly certain as to what the issue is. Any guidance or referrals would be most appreciated.
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  • You need to read the Adwords policies. All the answers are there. You also must understand them. Taking a guess is usually not productive.

    You don't provide us with your domain so any answer by anyone of us here would just be speculation. However, from your post, it sounds like you have some sort of thin content squeeze page. You'll see in the policies that is not allowed.

    As for the Adwords people not telling you specifics, it's always been that way. I know it can be frustrating but the reason is to get you to read and understand the policies. Otherwise, people would just keep calling them since most people are lazy and it's easier to call and ask than to read something. Google obviously doesn't want that. It's a self-serve service, not to mention a privilege to use their system, so the onus is on you to create, maintain and improve your campaigns as well as know what's allowed or not.
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      Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. I really appreciate that.

      I have read through the guidelines (AdWords policies) multiple times and can see no wording, either direct or indirect, relating to the prohibiting of landing pages.
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