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How to improve total CTR in a case like

imp click ctr cost rank
pc:200,000 660 0 .33 200$ 2.8
mobile:1,000,000 1,800 0.18 400$ 1.8

I think bidding up PC CPC would be good, but not sure. what are the other suggestions?
Kindly give me an advice.
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    If you are having a good Ad rank, but not good CTR .. one of the quick things to look at is your Ad Copy. Make sure your Ad is catchy and targeting your visitors as per your keywords.
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    Hi soyoung,

    Your CTR is influenced by two factors, Ad Position (aka:Ad Rank), and Ad relevance.
    1. Ad Position - Ad Rank Score is calculated by multiplying your Max CPC bid by your Quality Score which is essentially a score for your ad relevance.
    2. Ad Relevance - How closely your ad message matches the active interest and intent of your targeted audience.

    Quality Scores are the ad platforms method of predicting the relative CTR of your ad. So, improving CTR is a matter of improving ad message, and/or increasing your Max CPC bid. Improving ad relevance has the biggest payoff because it tends to improve CTR, Quality Scores and Conversion rates, while at the same time improving CPA. So, the key thing to focus on is improving your ad relevance.

    There are 3 basic ways to improve ad relevance:
    1. Account Structure
    2. Audience Targeting
    3. Ad Quality

    Account structure is a critical prerequisite to achieving proper audience targeting and and optimal ad quality. Specific ads are paired with audience targeting methods via account structure, typically in the form of an ad group or ad set. Organize your account structure so you can pair the most specific and relevant ad message to a particular audience segment. Proper account structure is a crucial step if you want to achieve high ad relevance.

    Tightly focused targeting combined with highly specific ad messages can only be achieved with the proper account structure in place. Ad copy needs to be highly specific to your target audience to achieve optimal ad relevance. If you find yourself having to write overly general ad messages for an ad group then you have an account structure issue that needs to be fixed by choosing more specific targeting methods.

    Audience Targeting varies by channel and by ad network. You need to target very narrow and specific audience segments to ensure that the ad message appeals to them directly and not to a broader audience. In search advertising this means targeting specific search queries, not broad keywords.

    Ad Quality is improved by writing ad copy that is clear about what is offered, who the it is intended for, and what they should do next, using very specific language. Avoid any generally targeted messages or generic sales copy. Use a bold, value-centric headline, focus your ad copy on a single, specific selling point, and include a strong call to action.

    Test multiple ad variants by crafting 2 or more ads for each ad group with each ad using a different value proposition (selling point). By testing multiple value propositions you can discover which is the most compelling to your targeted audience by measuring the CTR and conversions rates. After you have enough data to be statistically significant, keep the winning ads active and pause the losers.

    That is how you improve CTR in your campaigns.


    Don Burk
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      Thanks for your adviceDon!

      I will check ad copy if it targets right users.
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    You ca do A/B testing for you ad copy.
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