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Just got this notice today:

Starting today July 31, 2017 7Search.com will be ceasing operations and is no longer providing pay per click traffic of any kind to its advertisers.

In the coming week you will receive an email with information on how to receive a FULL refund for the remaining balance in your 7Search Advertiser account.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we appreciate all your past business and support.
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    I saw this also. Does anyone know why?
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    Their home page shows this, so it looks like it is going down:


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  • What happened with them ?
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    I agree. I wonder if a law suit was involved regarding quality of traffic?
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    Stick with Bing. It is the best so far.

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    I know I got the same thing, I have 54 dollars left with 7search. I stopped using them because of the quality of their traffic (watch out for them to try o rebrand themselves as another company but with the same shit traffic.
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    Well, not much of a loss. The traffic was only a trickle anyway and only just barely converted well enough to continue.
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    Not really shocked. It's too bad for anyone who used them.

    They just didn't have much quantity of traffic and the quality was low.

    Still was an ok traffic source to get used to ppc.
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    wow I was about using them also. Thanks for the info
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    I am a big fan of running everything through my blog, branding me, and then building off of that. This way, the only way I go out of business is if *I* go out of business Sorry to see any biz close down of course. Do keep this in mind though; run your own show, drive your own traffic predominantly, than if you go this route, make it secondary or tertiary.
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    Today was the day I was going to try and make 7search work!

    I've have tried with them multiple times over the last decade or so and have never had success. I always thought it must have been something I was doing because they've been in the game so long, it must be working for some people and I just need to figure it out. I think this just saved us a ton of money!
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    I once deposited $25 and managed to get a 300% ROI with 7Search traffic but I think it was a fluke as I never managed it again with exactly the same niche, product and keywords. They always told you to block "bad traffic sources". So they were knowingly selling bad traffic which always puzzled me.
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    For the short period I used 7search, it did produce for me. 7search is sort of for things that bing does not allow you to do, or adwords, etc. Anyone know of any other network that works like 7search?
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    Hi All,

    Wondering if anyone has gotten a refund from them yet..?

    Kind of sad to see them go..

    I had made some money with them, not a whole lot.

    Even though it may not have been the best way to go at times, you could try things out to get started...
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    So a quick follow up..

    I sent them an email to clientsupport@7search.com about receiving a refund and got a response back in a few minutes from Latrice Jackson..

    She was really helpful and is going to process the refund..

    20 years in business and gone.. gees

    Good luck all..
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