ClickBank + Google Analytics. Help Needed to setup the tracking correctly.

by Laksh
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Hey Guys,

Looking for some help in getting Google Analytics setup for ClickBank Offers as an Affiliate from my website and avoid the need for 3rd party Tracking Programs.

I followed below steps, but still not seeing the Funnel Visualization reflecting the complete flow from my website to the Vendor's page. Below are the steps i followed to do this integration based on CB KnowledgeBase ( Google Analytics) and other information i was able to google.

Step 1: Setup the GA for my wordpress website and Verified to ensure the clicks to my website are being tracked.
Step 2: Added the Tracking ID (from Google Analytics) in to ClickBank account under 'Integrated Sales Reporting'
  • Click on Add Tracking Code
  • Choose the Type - Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics ID - Tracking ID from GA.
  • Domains - Left Blank
  • Click on Save
Step 3: In GA, created a Goal as below,
Goal Setup
Template - 'Place an Order'
Goal Description
Type - Destination
Goal Details
Destination - Regular Expression - I used link to one of my posts Eg: /3weekdietreview/
Funnel - ON
  • Step 1 - Name (Landing Page) - Screen/Page (/3weekdietreview/)
  • Step 2 - Name (CB Order Form) - Screen/Page (^/order/orderform\.html.*$)
  • Step 3 - Name (CB Order Success Form) - Screen/Page (^/order/receipt\.html.*$)

I ensured that the goal is set correct, by clicking on 'Verify this Goal' option and see a Non Zero value. But, when i followed the complete steps from my website till the order form page, i am not seeing the steps being tracked in GA. Since i did not finish the Order process, i was expecting to see that the Funnel shows a visit to Step 1 & Step 2 and a drop in there. But i see only Entry and all the steps are 0.

Did i miss any step or setup something wrong?

Did anyone setup this process and if so, any pointers are appreciated.

Thanks In Advance !!!
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    Rethinking thru this ... is it even possible to test what i did manually or should I let a campaign run thru Bing ... or does that have any difference ?? Any thoughts ...

    I reached out to CB Helpdesk, but they were not able to provide more clarity ...

    Anyone following this process these days??

    Thanks In Advance !!!
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