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What can you do to fix a low quality score for an Ad on Google Adwords?
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    It depends how low it is.
    In case of a 3-5, try to create more relevant ads in small ad groups of max 5 keywords
    Everything below 3 I would kill and create a new ad groups with these keywords separately. You want to separate them from your better performing ones, as they influence the whole performance.
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    Use mainly keywords included in your landing page (your website page where you sent AdWords clickers). Use these keywords in the AdWords ad title, description, url etc.
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    Here's how you improve your Ads Quality Score.

    First, understand what effects Quality Scores. It's nearly all about CTR. More specifically, it is your relative CTR that has the strongest influence of your Quality Score.

    There are several things that can influence your CTR, including search term relevance, ad message relevance, and ad clarity.

    Focus on a tight account structure, you cannot maintain high search term relevance for your ad without using a tightly focused account structure. Every search term that can be triggered by any keyword within your ad group must be extremely relevant to every ad within that same ad group.

    Next write clear and compelling ad messages. For any niche there will be key phrases and terms that trigger an emotional response that leads to action. You job is to find those terms and phrases that trigger clicks, and conversion responses.

    Perform value proposition research, by studying every value proposition being used, talked about, or complained about within your niche. Pick several different value propositions and split test them within the same ad group to discover which are the most compelling for your target audience. Let that result data guide you toward the most compelling ad messages.

    Finally, study best practices for ads, learn how to write attention grabbing headlines, and action triggering CTAs to place before and after your most compelling Value Propositions.


    Don Burk
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    This question cannot be answered in a niche way because adword give quality score to two thing :
    1. quality score of landing page
    2. quality score of keywords
    To fix quality score you should working on relevancy because quality score is totally depends upon relevancy of landing page to relevant keyword....
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    Originally Posted by Janvi Arora View Post

    Quality Score is a dynamic variable assigned to each of your keywords that essentially affects your ad rank and the cost per click. IN simple words quality score is a numerical value between 1 to 10 given to a keyword. So for a higher Quality Score, you can achieve a higher ranking or we can say ad position at a lower cost. So how is a Quality Score determined? There are following factors:

    Your ad's Click-through rate (CTR)
    The relevance of the keyword or search query to the ad
    The relevance and reputation of your landing page to the ad and the search query
    The overall quality of your landing page.
    The geographic performance of your ad down to the city level

    As a PPC Service Provider, the practice we follow to improve quality score are mentioned below:
    • Structure your campaigns into smaller yet targeted ad groups to improve the relevancy between the search query and the ad.
    • A highly relevant landing page will also help you with increased conversions. If your searchers read your ad, then click through and they land on a page that fulfills their expectations, then you are likely to have happy visitors that may turn into customers.
    • Choose ad copy that is closely tailored to your keywords. Not only will this help you increase your Quality Score, but it will also help to increase your click-through rate.
    • Keep watch on your quality score. This will help to track your campaign and insure you have covered all of the bases.
    • Optimize your landing pages for page load time. You can use Webmaster Tools or Page Speed to test your landing pages and check their speed.

    I hope this will help you improve your quality score.
    Great info mate. Cheers For this..
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