My AdWords tracking has stopped working

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Hi, having a problem with AdWords tracking in google analytics.

We are able to see the amount of clicks our website has had in AdWords, however in our google analytics 'AdWords view' it is not recording any results for ppc.

This was working until recently, think it is to do with the 'gclid' being dropped... however don't know how to debug the problem!

Can anyone help?

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  • I believe that changing the gclid setting will do what you describe. If you have turned it off, simply turn it back on.
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      Thanks for the reply, as far as I know there has been no tampering with the gclid settings as we use auto tagging but will be sure look into it Monday!
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    Hi Ethan,

    Not sure if you are still having an issue, but here's how I recommend that you debug your issue.

    1. First determine whether or not your Google Analytics tag is properly implemented using the Google Tag Assistant for Google Chrome browser.

    2. Once you have verified that your GA tag is properly implemented you need to link your Google Analytics account to Your AdWords account if you haven't done so already.

    This link will explain how:

    Since it was working before, It might be that your accounts have become unlinked for some reason, or that your auto tagging option in your AdWords account has been accidentally disabled? Check those settings first.

    The Tag Assistant recordings feature mentioned in the video above shows you how to use the tool to discover exactly what might be wrong.

    It could be a number of things like an unexpected redirects, altered Final URLs, accidental unlinking, or simply auto tagging setting set to disabled. The Tag Assistant will help you get to the bottom of the issue.


    Don Burk
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    Hey Don,

    Thanks for getting in touch! Appreciate the reply.

    The auto tagging is definitely on and functioning and analytics is linked to the adwords account.

    We believe it is a redirect issue- we tested to see if our ad URL's dropped the gclid tester which they did. So we checked all adword final URL's were not old pages that redirected to new- which none were. So next we made sure all the final URL's started with https:// as we have a system that redirects all URL's to this. This also hasn't fixed the issue... So we believe (and hope) it is a server side issue, we're hoping if we get our server provider to change the server settings to allow tracking parameters to carry through after a redirect then it will solve this issue.

    As seen here;

    If it's not this then god save us!
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    Hi Ethan,

    If the issue is indeed a redirect, then using the Tag Assistant Recordings feature, as demonstrated in the above video, will help you to pinpoint that cause, an it even shows you how to resolve that particular issue, by adding an excluded domain.

    I would not make assumptions, because it is easy enough to confirm using the Tag Assistant Recordings feature.


    Don Burk
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    Hi Don,

    Thanks again for providing some help!

    I've been using tag assistant and it seems that the tracking is all in place but something to do with UTM is limiting adwords tracking? I don't know if you know how to resolve this?

    I have attached 2 screenshots here;

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