Should you use different match types in 1 Ad Group?

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I had a phone conversation with a Google AdWords Specialist, who informed me my keywords were 'competing' against each other because I was making separate bids on and had different keywords set up for my Broad Match Modifier, Phrase Match, and Exact Match keywords.

They said I need to choose 1, so I went and just used Broad Match Modifiers on most keywords.

However, many recommend bidding separately and having each type of keyword you want to do.

I don't know which way is best!
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  • Keywords in an account don't exactly "compete" with each other. There is no problem having all match types in a group and in fact I do this all the time as I'm sure most do.

    What I don't usually (almost never) do is set bids at the keyword level. There is no need for that. Every keyword in a group should be the same, don't mix ideas and themes such as "florists" and "flower shop". These different words and ideas should be put in separate groups. The bid is at the group level.

    I don't think bids at the keyword level will make much of a difference in them "competing" with each other. The system finds the best suited match to the search term starting with the exact then phrase then broad. It only considers the bid after. So even if you had the broad at a higher bid than exact, the system will choose exact when the search term matches exactly, not the broad just because it has the highest bid. Choosing may be the wrong term here, more like assigning the impression to that keyword because it was the best/closest option given your keyword match types and the search term.
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    okay as you said that keywords are competing with each other so in that case, I would recommend you to use only one type of strategy. Though you can use both the ways but as said above best will be for you to use one type of strategy.
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    Don't take the advice of the 'AdWords Specialists'. Many of them have never actually run ads before. They just want you to pick broad so they can blow your budget every day.

    It doesn't matter if you use the different match types in the same ad group. If the ads are relevant for each of the keyword variations then you should have them in the same ad group.

    I disagree with the above post indicating you shouldn't use keyword-level bids. Each match type can have different bids and probably should. Example = you probably are willing to pay more for exact searches that convert than broad searches that don't quite convert as often.
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    "The keywords are competing against each other" so you that mean you are using same type of keywords in differnt Adwords. Make a propers Strategy and choose the keywords According to a Particular theme. which result in better optimization of your Ad and better ad Placement.
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