How do I link to my landing page on facebook ads?

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and wondered if someone could help me. I'm trying to create a facebook ad.

I've chosen my objective, then in the adset section I've completed the conversion, dynamic creative, offer, audience, placement and budget.

I have reached the 'identity' page and there's a section that says, "Your business is represented in ads by its Facebook Page."

Then it gives me a choice of choosing one of my two facebook fanpages.

The problem is, I don't want to connect my ad to a fanpage. I want it to be connected to a landing page I have setup on my website. This will then lead the into a funnel I have created with Thrive themes.

I don't know how to do this.

Any help would be much appreciated

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    FB ads will eat your budget alive if you don't have a complete marketing strategy in place. After reading your question it sounds like your not quite ready for FB ads, unless your ready to through your money away.

    The first thing you need to understand is that FB only allows you to place ads on your business page (fan page). Hence, your business page must be congruent with your ad.

    Secondly, your objective should not be conversions right off the bat... unless your getting a significant amount of conversions already on your landing page or website and your FB Pixel is properly setup on relevant pages to suggest that.

    Finally, adding a call to action in your ad will allow you to link to a landing page... I'd suggest using a sub domain of your website.

    There are far too many other dynamics to consider when setting up FB Ads. If I were you... I would do some more research on Facebook ads before diving in.

    Good luck!
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    Hopefully I can help. You need to attach your Facebook page to your ad campaign because you need one to run ads.

    In terms of linking your ad to your landing page you can do that at the ad level in your campaign. Just add your link in the website URL section.

    If you are new to running Facebook Ads tread carefully as there are so many areas where you can slip up and they are not easy to run and profit with.

    Just make sure that you have a great offer and a solid funnel, your ad copy speaks to your audiences pain point (do this in a positive way) and show them a solution of how to get out of this pain. Test video in your ads as video is massive on FB right now...

    Also target relevant interests and fanpages.

    My advice is take a course or get some Facebook Ads coaching so that you can get up to speed fast and also avoid the pitfalls many new Facebook advertisers fall into..

    Hope this helps,


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      Is there any website that specializes in researching facebook ads?
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    You need to have a face book page first to place ads, while Creating FB page you will have option of adding website to your page, And while placing ad you can you use call to action button directing to your landing page.
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    You need to create a new campaign in order to get traffic to your landing page.
    Go to Create New Campaign, Select "Traffic" from consideration tab, Set Name for the campaign and Click "Continue".
    Set up your campaign budget in the next step.
    Set up your ad set details with objective.
    When you create ad copy, you will get an option to enter your landing page URL. I have attached the screenshot below. I hope this will help.

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    Landing pages and paid traffic go hand in hand most of the times and Facebook is one of the largest ad platforms out there.

    To advertise on Facebook, you first need to have a published landing page to send your traffic to. I recommend using your custom domain, Wordpress or Drupal site.

    The next step is to create the actual Facebook ad by setting up the audience, schedule & budget, adding text and images. More details about how to set up a Facebook ad can be found on their support page.

    The last step is to add the link to the website you'd like to promote, that is your landing page.
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    Need to create a facebook page and then you can use fb ads
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    Hi funnybone,

    If you have experience with search ads you, like most search advertisers, may find the FB ads model quite disconcerting. The Truth is Facebook wants you to create content for Facebook, for free they don't pay you to create content the way Youtube and other advertising platforms do, On FB you do all the work and they make all the money.

    To get access to your own network of followers, beyond a small token amount, you must pay Facebook by paying to promote your posts. And to get traffic off of Facebook, what you are trying to do you must pay even more, because Facebook sees you as the competition.

    What Facebook wants all advertisers to do is to pay to promote Facebook pages. They really don't want you to try to get traffic off of Facebook, they want you to pay to send traffic from one Facebook page to another. Getting traffic off FB is in direct opposition to Facebook's internal goal of maximizing user time spent on Facebook.

    Having said that, Facebook recognizes that most advertisers need to make a profit and the most practical way for an advertiser to achieve that is by getting users off of Facebook and onto the advertiser's website. They (FB) don't like it, they don't want it to happen, however they must concede to allow it to attract the number advertisers need to reach revenue goals.

    Due to the conflicting goals of Facebook and Facebook advertisers, a system has evolved that rewards advertisers that send traffic to Facebook pages by offering lower advertising costs. And conversely, advertisers that send traffic "off" of FB's network are discourage by a much higher cost for advertising.

    As a result, many advertisers have developed sophisticated strategies that involve in-network promotions (promoting a Facebook page) and rely on organic traffic from those pages to "find" their way to your website, or to reach out to you through comments, phone calls, and messenger conversations.

    Some advertisers have also developed even more sophisticated strategies of paying a premium to get traffic off of Facebook and engaging in multi-touch multi-channel strategies to increase conversion rates and lower the overall cost of customer acquisition. By retargeting those same users on less expensive channels like Display network remarketing, native ad remarketing, and video ad remarketing campaigns the overall CPA can often be reduced dramatically.

    The bottom line is that Facebook is a Social Media platform and it pays to be social even when advertising there. Develop a strategy that includes building relationships with your page visitors by engaging them in comments and messenger conversations. It's generally cheaper to acquire customers when targeting an audience that you have already built a relationship with, and they know you, trust you, and like you.


    Don Burk
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    Basically you need an identity when others see your ad. In this case, your FB page becomes your identity. Create an attractive FB page . People will then begin to like, trust and know you. Once that is done, you need to setup a landing page that is compliant with FB ads rules. Take some time and read it. Study other examples. For example, look at how Russel Brunson promotes Clickfunnels. Once you have learn the model, just start small and launch your campaign.
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