Targeting dental clinics on Facebook ads

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Has anyone ever tried to target dentists through Facebook ads?
I don't mean dentist's clients but dentist as dental clinic.
So We have a Web Agency and we would like to acquire more dental clinic as our clients (to offer them SEO and Web marketing plans).
What's the best parameter that better suits the Dentists audience on Facebook ads?
We have tried many of them but they always give us a very broad and vague type of target who are NOT owners of dental clinics.
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    Yes. The key is to find interests and a common thread or groups belong to or like and build from there. Use google to search for example associations and groups for dentists in area looking to target then plug in facebook and will pull up even more for you to build from.
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    It is simple. You need to join groups where they are and comment on what they do. You also need to follow them on social media and interact with them. You also need to find some common interests. It will help you understand their behavior.
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    I totally agree with you. It will be a great solution to start. It is not difficult at all. First, find their groups and start commenting.
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    It seems you are targeting only B2B through facebook ads. It is suggested to have custom audience targeting if you have the list of dentists and clinics with their details. And then using those you can create a lookalike audience for identifying more similar audience.
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