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Hi Guys

I have thousands of long tail keywords in my PPC account but 90% of my traffic comes through my 2 keyword phrase match keywords.

Would I be better off pausing these so that my long tails show and then I will have better data on what is actually converting .

Seems obvious but not sure if it will affect the traffic Im currently getting ?

Any help welcome .
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    Just pause the remaining keywords and look for results and if they are promising then you have to rethink about what keywords you can put . Just check how much they are promising . This will be a new thing to do just do it and you will know the results in one week itself.
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    You should not pause the keywords which are getting traffic for your PPC campaign. Rather you should check if those keywords have a good conversion rate or not. Also pause the keywords which are not performing or try to change the ad copies for non-performing keywords. If your are getting traffic but not converting, try and test another landing page with SEO optimized and keyword rich content.

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    don't pause your 2 phrase conversion keywords.. but you can play with those long tail keywords to get results.
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      Originally Posted by ModernStreaming View Post

      don't pause your 2 phrase conversion keywords.. but you can play with those long tail keywords to get results.
      You can pause your keywords but I would pause them slowly. You can pause 25-50 keywords a day or so. What happens is if you pause thousands of keywords Google will think something is wrong and may stop the campaign. It will take you some time for the campaign to begin running back to normal again.
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    Generate reports to find out the actual search queries and matched keywords then milk them.
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    Here is the solution:

    * Pause the remaining keywords
    * Add 10 new keywords
    * Test them with new ads
    * Evaluate them- change non performing keywords, retain performing keywords
    * Add 10 more and so on.
    * This way, you will get the best performing keywords.
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      This is correct method. Thanks for sharing
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    Hi davie_zone,

    My, my, such bad advice on his forum these days. "Pause", "don't pause", "pause and add 10 new keywords", rubbish, all rubbish.

    Since nobody has yet given you decent answer i will try to help you out.

    You never need to pause relevant keywords ever. Ignore people giving you this advice.

    You need to be running Search Terms reports on a regular basis to discover exactly which terms people are searching. The report will show you which actual search terms are triggering your search ads. You may find that much of your traffic is coming from irrelevant search terms. You may need to add negative keywords to prevent those irrelevant terms from triggering your ads.

    The Search term report will provide insight into which search terms are converting and the actual value for each specific term. You'll want to use that data to determine which Exact match keywords you should be adding to your campaign. You should have all the best converting terms added as exact match keywords so that you can mange the bids based on the real value of each term.

    Long tail keywords, by definition, have much lower search volume and will naturally have fewer searches and fewer clicks, that's should be of no concern as long as the value per click is greater than the cost per click. More profit it more profit.

    If, however, as you say you are getting most your traffic on phrase match keywords there may be a lot of opportunity to optimize that by adding appropriate exact match keywords based on what you learn from analyzing your Search Terms Report.


    Don Burk
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    Chances are you're making some of the common PPC money-wasting mistakes below.

    Some won't apply to every situation, but avoiding such mistakes where possible can help slash your ad costs and increase your conversion rates, profit, and ROI.

    # Poor / Irrelevant Keyword Selection

    # Using Regular Broad Match Instead of Modified Broad Match

    # Not Segmenting Keywords Into Smaller, Tightly Themed Ad Groups

    # Not Testing Multiple Ad Variations

    # Not Tracking Conversions, Down to the Keyword Level

    # Not Using Web Analytics

    # Not Setting Up Google Analytics Conversion Goals

    # Not Assigning Values to Your Most Important Conversion Goals (or Not Using Ecommerce Tracking)

    # Not Linking Google Analytics to Your Adwords Account

    # Not Optimizing Website / Landing Page Conversion Rates

    # Making Website Changes Without Testing & Tracking Their Impact on Conversion Rates

    # Not Applying the 80/20 Rule to PPC Marketing

    ~ Marty Foley
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    Set your keywords into different Ad Groups so that they can each have different bids and please target to focus on the high or short tail keyword
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    In Google Ads, the most campaign gives the best result by using 2-3 phrase keywords.
    People mostly type less word to get the relevant result and for so, PPC is the best technique rather SEO to target them.

    In your cases, you can pause some non-performing keywords and then research the high volume relevant keywords and add them in your campaign.
    You can also see the search results to get some ideas for adding new performing keywords inside your campaigns.
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    The better option is that make new campaign with ling tail keyword and apply split testing on them thats why you clear which add and keywords will benefits for you.
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    Let the Rest of the Keywords be and increase the bid of the 2 keywords since they are performing better.
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