Traffic costs: Is it cheaper to target global than specific Geos?

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Hi Guys!
I've just run my first few campaigns with Exoclick after moving away from Traffic Factory.
Currently I'm targeting one GEO, but looking to run a different campaign accepted by multiple GEOs.

I've heard that if I target global traffic (rather than specific GEO targeting when setting up in Exoclick) that your traffic cost is generally cheaper - has anyone had any experience with this? (I'd set up redirects in my tracker to segment the audience to geo-specific offer to stop bad quality traffic coming to my Tier 1 offers)

Similarly, for anyone who does go global/multiple geos on Exo, will you do RON and blacklist, or specifically select from Premium sites?

Thanks for your help!
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  • The first question is, are you selling a product or service that you want to advertise globally or is it more local? If it's a local or even national product, why advertise globally?

    Your only criteria seems to be that it would be cheaper. I assume you mean the average cost per click. What you need to look at is how much each sale would cost. If you advertise globally but you are not a global business, you just accrue click costs from people you don't or can't serve. That means a higher cost per conversion, even if your CPC would be lower. Too many advertisers fixate on CPC when they should ask themselves if they are maximizing profits.

    So targeting globally makes sense only if you can serve customers globally. This is regardless of the ad network being used.
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    Any "traffic" site that requires a minimum deposit is suspect. If you can't run a test campaign what does that tell you? Google, Bing, and FB all allow you to post-pay, but some RON site requires $200 upfront?

    Good luck.
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    It all depends on who you are targeting and whether your products and services are worth their interest, time and investment.

    If what you are promoting is of high perceived value to your target audience / market, then I will say it does not matter whether it is global or specific GEOs.

    Because at the end of the day- whatever you are choosing, your objective is to get people to see your offer and hopefully buy so that you earn.

    If not, at least subscribe to your email list if you have an autoresponder.

    So that you can follow up with them with more information and same offer should they not buy the first time they see your offer.
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