Google ads low conversion - relevant keyword clicks, maybe landing page issue?

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Hi guys, I have an issue with unexpectedly low conversion on campaign.

Client product is day tours in popular tourist destination.
The goal (conversion) = the visitor makes a booking for a tour, on simple booking calendar

We have many clicks, and these are from relevant keywords ( tours [town], trips [town], [tour type] [town], etc.)

- keywords are broad match modified (+) keywords, and unrelevant search terms are added in negative keyword list
- CTR is also good, between 5-8%
- I targeted only people IN location = more probability of booking (excluded those "or who show interest in your location" = the ones that are not (yet) on the location )

But somehow people just do not book, so I assume it must be website / landing page issue. or am I wrong?

This is the landing page: (check the mobile version, targets are tourist so probably most of visits are from mobile) - I believe it has all important elements(?):

- main selling points as a bullets + attractive visuals + call to action
- booking calendar on landing page, available dates visible
- simple booking (select date and number of people, fill name email and pay deposit online)
- proof - tripadvisor high rating 5/5 at the top, testimonials more below on the page

Any opinion or feedback is highly appreciated, thank you in advance.
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    Hi Igor,

    It's not easy to prove these things unless you test, test and test some more. I know you asked us to view on mobile devices, but I don't browse the internet often on my phone nor use this forum on my phone. So I viewed your site on my laptop. Here are my observations:

    - you have all the necessary information there, yes, however nothing important jumps out at me.
    - font size is small and not easy to read
    -details of the trip require me to hit drop down menus. I was expecting to see details and highlights listed VERY CLEARLY right away

    Other thoughts...

    You are targeting tourists who are already IN Split, Croatia. When I travel, I generally have my days already planned, booked and paid for BEFORE I arrive at my destination. I rarely (if never) have a full empty vacation day where I randomly search for an activity while I'm already there. You may want to consider expanding your reach to target ATV enthusiasts before they arrive in Split.

    I certainly wouldn't exclude a demographic who shows interest in your location. You don't know if they are interested in ATV adventures or not, so why excluded them. As I mentioned earlier, you never know until you TEST different campaigns and landing pages.

    I would test putting the reviews higher up on the page, maybe even at the top. Social proof is a big motivator to buy. If you highlight RAVING reviews of your tours, it can draw more interest from visitors to your site to learn what the big deal is about. I'd really lean on all of your great reviews. Trip Advisor reviews are well recognized as well...I don't think you'd need that big box indicating these are Trip Advisor Reviews.

    Might be interesting for you to do some split testing and come back and update this thread with your results after a few weeks and a number of test results. You'd get a lot more feedback for yourself, but from others here as well with concrete data from those test results.
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    Do you have any middle steps in the progress of that goal / conversion ? I do not think so at all really. Please do make it all possible anyway. That way you can track out all possible middle cases and find out weak spots in whole length of it.
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      Yes, the middle step is interaction with the booking widget (calendar) - we have 4 stages / events there: First interaction - Event-ticket selected - Payment gateway - Booking successful

      Google analytics shows this -
      - Don't get why so small percent complete the started booking though - process is pretty straight and short, and payment also simple and giving 2 options (paypal or credit card)
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    When I checked your website, it looks attractive, nothing bad to say about the look. The font seems too thin to read under the review and the price.

    I think the problem is about the targeting audience. If you include the geographical locations where the people usually travel to your location for a reasonable period of time in Adwords campaign, you can see the difference.

    When I go for a tour, I will choose the places I visit in advance. But if I go to a new place without a plan, I will definitely interested in services like the one you provide.

    My suggestion is to target the locations too in addition to the "in the region" to let potential users visit your website before planning their tour chart.
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  • I see a lot of replies saying that the design looks good and that the font is thin lol

    How come none of you guys stated the obvious, which is:

    "Why would anyone, especially tourists give a **** about renting an ATV Quad?" especially if they never said they'd be interested in that.

    How about you target people who are interested in a trip in "selected" city and then when they click on your ad you simply create a one-page landing page that asks them something like;

    Hey, how'd you like to spend your day in "insert city name here"?

    And have clickable images below (each linking to different categories).

    For example:

    I'd like an ATV Quad Family Tour
    (Click here to watch a video and see why people absolutely love our ATV tour)

    You get the idea.

    And then link them to another page with a video and a button where they can contact you, sign up or book. But always follow up with them.

    After you presell them on the idea that riding an ATV is really cool and maybe include a video of how the trip looks like, do it with the rest of the other Day Trips that are on the website.

    Create one landing page per offer (day trip in this case) and remove ALL links on the page that are staying on top all the time. Just remove them. You don't want any distractions.

    I can go on about this forever, but just a quick recap:

    Create a landing page for each offer after they tell you what they like. And if they don't like any of your options, you can always redirect them to an affiliate link to recoup your ad spend.

    Your goal on this landing page is to trigger CTA from people who watch your video after they select an option.

    Get them interested and only after that, follow up via email or any other way you'd like to increase your chances of getting them to book. If you can get on the phone, you or someone from the team, even better.

    So with that being said, I know there are many more things I haven't covered here, but hopefully you got an idea on how to improve your current funnel.

    Don't forget to A/B test everything, keep the good performing landing pages and eliminate what doesn't work or convert well.

    Have a good one,
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    Based on My experience as an agency, for the best conversion to your ads, here some tips below that you can practiced :
    - filtering negative keywords regularly
    - what's your keyword type? broad match, phrase match, or exact match?
    - does you have setting up your coverage target audience correctly?
    - for fast response to your customer, you can put the whats app button in your site
    - who's your ads competitor? you can know your competitor ads through insight menu

    And many more setting up to get maximum results from your paid ads.
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  • You can try a split test for landing pages. I seriously recommend using INSTAPAGES at least for a reference. thy can give you a definite higher conversion. Keywords EXACT MATCH is a must. Also, negative keywords filter is necessary.
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    Hi guys, thank you all for a detailed answers, I appreciate it. Just a few more details and answers:

    1 - all of my keywords are BMM - like "+day + trip +[city name]"
    ( sure, i filter negative kw regularly)

    2 - one of the ad groups / keyword groups is "quad tour" related kws

    3 - interesting - Google analytics shows that - :
    many users start booking process but only few percent of finish it and book
    - Don't get why - process is pretty straight and short, and payment at the end also simple + giving 2 options (paypal or credit card)

    4 - another question - please confirm there's no problem in split testing - for ex., 2 different landing pages or 2 different targets - with the identical campaign (i.e. identical keywords) ?
    (so we run at the same time 2 identical campaigns, same ads and kws, with only diffrence is landing page or target)?

    there's no whatsapp, but we have tidio livechat on site

    Have a good day all of you.
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    Optimize your Targeting or Landing Page or both.You gotta Split test different campaigns and different landing page. and put your money in the winning campaigns.

    Also capture visitor leads. and use retargeting to increase your ROI. by following up with users and retargeting ads.
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    Free link tracking, Sales, Action & Engagement Tracking, CPA marketing, url rotator, A/B testing.
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    Hi Igor, there are some Issue in your Site, it is not user friendly and It is not guiding a user navigation. you can improve some are of your site as
    1> there should be no home button on header your logo should be work as home
    2> need improvement in booking system proccess
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    I have same problems. I have 10%+ CTR but low conversions.
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