How to ByPass Google Ads For Malicious Software?

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I am trying to run a CPA Offer Campaign with Google Ads, My Ads Got Rejected with Malicious Software.

I Know It's Because of The Offer Tracking Link Provided By The CPA Network.

Is There Any Possible Way to ByPass The Google Bot Without Cloaking?
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    No you can't.

    If Google assumes that's malicious software, it probably is.
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    Don't think it's possible. Hosting a malicious software and advertising it is a violation of Google's policies and can be detected.
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    First I will suggest you link your website with the google search console and see what factors are involved in this error. Sometimes Google shows this error if there is any cracked version of the file installed in the root folder of your webserver account. Second, after verification of google search console, I will suggest you don't use simple affiliate link rather going with it you can try PHP redirect and don't ever third party tracking tool as tracking URL you will get suspended.
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    In my experience, you can't bypass google ads for malicious software.
    If any malicious activities are found on your website then your google AdWords account may be permanent ban for running your ads.
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    I've had this conversation with Google Support many times and in my experience, you're going to need to raise a support ticket and if they don't initially approve, you'll need to be really persistent in asking them to show you exactly what's triggering malicious software.
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