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I am switching a membership site from Joomla to Wordpress and I would like to be able to have all my current members be able to use their existing username and password. My programmer is telling me that we can't do that and that I will have to email all my customers and tell them they have to create new login credentials for the new site. Is that really the case or can I somehow migrate all the usernames and passwords into the new platform so that no changes are required from my customers? Thanks for any help.
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    As this is security related, I'll send you a PM.
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      Originally Posted by BDazzler View Post

      As this is security related, I'll send you a PM.
      Huh? It's a simple question.

      You CAN do this. The function wp_authenticate() is a 'pluggable' function, meaning it can be replaced by a theme or plugin simply by defining the function.

      You'll need to borrow the Joomla authentication code and use it instead of the native WP function; it may take some tweaking so the function returns the correct values.

      Export the user details from your Joomla install, port them over to your WP install. Easy peasy.

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  • Depends on how Joomla and Wordpress encrypt passwords. If they use the same method then it's just case of mapping one users table to another. If not then you'd have to redefine the wp_authenticate() function.

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