Tracking Opt-Ins refferer code using aWeber

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Who has accomplished this with aWeber? tracking where each of your opt-ins came from i.e. Craigslist, Adwords, Youtube, etc.

I have Dynatracker but it only gives me the total number of clicks and total number of opt-ins received from a certain refferal link but does not allow me to integrate so when I see each Opt-in I know where they came from.

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    The simplest way I know is to setup a custom field in Aweber, use it as a hidden field on your opt-in form, and fill the field with the data from the tracking code.
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      Right, are you talking about each visitor manually entering a code? Thanks but if so, unfortunately that won't work. I'm driving lots of leads using clickable images, affiliates, etc.

      Anyone else?
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        The field is hidden on your form.

        You fill it using php or asp (or whatever code you're using) with the value that you passed in the tracking link.

        E.g. If you're using php and Aweber...

        In Aweber you setup a custom field called "Referrer". The name will be "custom Referrer".

        You would setup your link to be something like:

        HTML Code:
        And then in your Aweber form you add:

        PHP Code:
        <input type="hidden" name="custom Referrer" value="<?php echo HTTP_SESSION_VARS ["referrer_id"]; ?>">
        Just put a $ in front of the HTTP_SESSION_VARS... I can't do it here for some reason.
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          Well that should do it. Thanks for your help man!
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            We were able to get it to show up in the Add URL column but can't get it to drop in the custom referrer space... Oh well it still works. Thanks for your help Kyle.
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              I was having the same issue with the 'tracking id' dropping into the custom Aweber field.

              But I was finally able to get it to work by adding a few extra items.

              1. Placed the following between the <head></head> tag

              $val = $_GET['id'];

              2. Added the following in the Aweber form code...

              <input type="hidden" name="custom source" value="<?php echo "$val"; ?>">

              So now my landing page to track where the leads are coming from appers:


              Hope this helps
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