Is there any way to earn with basic of c programming ?

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I know basic of c,data structure and c++ . But somewhere I studied it can be used to develop software too.I don't know those complex things. I just know how to write a program with .c or .CPP extension which is runned by compiler like c compile etc. I just wanted to know how can I earn from it.
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    C and C++ are primarily for high performance environments like games, operating systems and embedded controllers. They also serve as the basis for other modern languages, so they are a good start.
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    I wanted to know how to earn from it.
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      Originally Posted by pin9211 View Post

      I wanted to know how to earn from it.
      Yes, I understand that. Those are the industries and positions in which you would seek employment with those language skills.
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    Hey Pin,

    Sure you can. You can freelance even if you know basic skills. Obviously don't bite of more than you can chew but just bid on small jobs to start off until you get some more experience.

    Chris DH
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    Also you can try to work at some company as trainee or even a junior developer. Both freelance and work at company has it's advantages and disadvantages.
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    There are lots of ways to earn by programming. Here are 2 examples of what you can do.

    You can create a program that's in demand like an inventory system and sell it, you get the money once the finished product is implemented. Whatever program you created will need to be maintained thus the Maintenance fee. If the said system is satisfactory, they might even recommend you to other companies to help them with their system.


    Why not try creating android apps or games? That way you can enhance your coding skills and at the same time make a name for yourself as a game or app developer. You can then update that app/game every now and then to make sure your customers are satisfied so that they will give you high reviews thus attracting other potential customers.

    Good luck!
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    By c programming I can't make android app. And I was talking about online earning.
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    learn PHP. there's nothing you can do with C for IM, at least nothing easy if you can't even compile a .exe
    php is super easy compared to C
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