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WordPress release new version 4.0.1. Some new features are available in this. Now WordPress take more community on Web and most popular CMS in the world. How many persons are using WordPress ?
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    Taken from W3 as source -

    WordPress was used by more than 23.2% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013.

    So... it's being used by quite a lot of people lol, if that answers your question at all.
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    I know they all not answer my question. But can you identify which CMS used by any website ?
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      Originally Posted by Noumantahirr View Post

      I know they all not answer my question. But can you identify which CMS used by any website ?
      He answered the question the way you posed it. The follow up question is entirely different than your OP.

      If you wanted to know how to determine which CMS any given site is using that's what you should have asked.

      The answer is generally yes, it can be done, unless the web master makes a point of hiding it. If the follow up question to that is "how", then my answer would be "it varies" and it depends on your scope and available resources. Sometimes, it's as easy as just looking for the admin login page, as it is in a standard location. That is also why WP sites are vulnerable if you don't have a good admin username and password.
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    When I want to know if a website is using WordPress - I always check the way BDazzler says.... I simply type /wp-admin after the website url... If it's a WordPress site the login will ALWAYS show up.

    He is also correct when he says THAT is what makes WordPress vulnerable. However a WordPress site can be secured quite easily, making it very difficult for anyone trying to hack it.

    Some of the biggest businesses on this Planet use WordPress for some or ALL of their online websites. Simply because WordPress is so versatile.

    But, it is not necessarily EASY to learn how to install and/or "use" WordPress.

    Avoid the "one-click" install offered by Fantastico or other cpanel software. That type of installation is EASY to hack unless other certain procedures are performed.
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    Thank you all but if we check all websites a specific login page. If you check each site with a login page you lost your time. For example if you deal with a client and client give you a URL and ask you please tell me which CMS is used by this website. Then you check site with login page ? Your client does not wait for your checking.
    Than what will you do ??
    I have answer of this satiation but first i want to get your answer for my knowledge. Please share knowledge.
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    @hatchcrane - that's why I alias the wp-admin page and I don't have an account named "admin". In fact, my security plugin blacklists anyone who attempts to log in as admin.
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    You can go to What WordPress Theme Is That? and it will tell you if it is WP and what theme and plugins they are using.
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