Sending text notification with php?

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When someone signs up to join my website the php script sends me an email but I would prefer that it sends me a text message to my phone. Any ideas on how to do that?
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    Look into twilio.
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      Thanks BDazzler but I figured it out, it's very easy,

      $to = '';
      //after the @ is for Sprint service look up email to text for your carrier address
      $subject = 'put subject here';
      $message = 'put message here';
      $headers = "From: email\n";

      mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers, '');
      If you do classified advertising
      You need a Delayed Autoreply Service
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    Personally for my membership website I'm just sending email to my personal email and on mobile I have BlueEmail application which send me notification about new email, so I'm doing that for free and also getting instant notification. Maybe something like that will work for you too.
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