Help, odd occurances with <h*> rags in WordPress

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What is the scoop with WordPress <h*> tags? I use the drop down and the text turns to upper case in a different font. So I go into the text tab and put in the <h*> tags and get the same thing.

<h2> works fine and I get what I want, but when I go to <h3> it turns to uppercase in a different font. WTH

How can I change this? If I knew how0rto program, I wouldn't be coming here to ask, so i am not going to be able to deal with anything real technical. Yesterday when i was working on this blog, I didn't have this problem. I don't get it.

But when i look today, the two articles I did yesterday are now doing the same thing. I got to fix this as it really sucks.
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    Is it showing up on your site the same way?

    If not, don't worry about it. The theme author included a css file for styling the editor and it may not even look remotely close to what your site looks like.

    If it DOES look the same way on the site, it's because your theme's CSS file is putting blanket styles on bare <h*> tags, which is a theme developer no-no. They'll have to be gotten rid of.

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    Yup steve is right. Basically in theme css they had different styling for h3 tags. We have to go down to code and change it by selves. Is your themes have typography option or not?
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    Likely just a text-transform: uppercase; stylesheet entry - just search .css files for 'uppercase' and remove that line from your stylesheet
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    It was weird, it started working fine again. It has done that a couple times. Last post I did I had to go in and do the H tags manually thought.

    Tim Pears

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