Familiar with XML-RPC API devlopment? Have a great idea

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Maybe this belongs in the J/V section. Oh well.

I've been sitting on a gold mine of an idea for over a year now, but I don't even know how feasible it is in this particular niche. I get only so far in trying to figure out if it can be done, and smoke begins to come out of my ears.

There are well established & very successful models for my idea working right now in other niches, but I need a programmer familiar working with XML-RPC API to:

A) Listen to my idea and figure out if it is, in fact, feasible with this particular niche. If so,
B) Help me in implementing it and making what could be a ridiculous amount of money.

If you're experienced & confident enough working with these types of things, please PM me and we'll go from there.

#api #devlopment #familiar #great #idea #xmlrpc

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