Strange write to file issue - ubot!!! :(

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Hello I'm having a strange issue with ubot. I scrapt data from facebook (about 120 group links + description). In list 1 I have the group links and in list 2 I have their description, members etc. I included them in a table which shows up perfectly in ubot in Ctrl+D. The problem is that when I write them to file the first ~ 500-800 are written ok (col 1 = link from group 1, col 2 = description from group 1) BUT in the other lines (after ~ 500 - 800) its written only the description but really messy. It's written in more columns on each row and also "forgetting" the links. Why happends this? I noticed the number of the first ok lines differe. They fluctuate between 500 and 800.
#file #issue #strange #ubot #write

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