What are website programs developed in?

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I am looking into developing some web programs for good practice, and I am unsure about what language I should develop these programs in? I am aware that pretty much any client-side website programs are coded in JavaScript, however what is the most popular server-side language? Also, why are websites coded in multiple server-side languages, such as Twitter which is coded in C++ and Java?
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  • I've seen many web apps were built with PHP + frameworks and ruby. But the most popular languages is PHP. You can see some stats here: Usage Statistics and Market Share of Server-side Programming Languages for Websites, March 2015.

    For example applications, you may want to check out the frameworks' websites such as code igniter, laravel, or yii framework. They have a showcase page where the put applications which are built using them.
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    My website uses about 5 languages, but PHP and Javascript make up the majority of it.

    The reason we use so many languages is that each one is the most efficient at doing what we wanted to do.

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      PHP is super popular, plus most hosting companies support it at a low cost. If you used something else like nodejs, ruby or python, you might be forced to build out a vps or find more expensive hosting. Using PHP, you can have numerous websites/apps running on a single Dreamhost account for less than $10 per month. When I use other backends (I'm big into nodejs) I have to buy a vps - digital ocean or AWS (or some sketchy vps from lowendbox) and cost is about $5 per month at the lowest end for just the one single website.

      In my opinion, PHP is a language that enables an inexperienced programmer to make huge mistakes and leave a system vulnerable. For simple apps it's fine, but for more complicated beasts, other languages are better. Ruby has been a favorite of many over the last 5 years or so. Nodejs is gaining in popularity. Python also has a strong following. Enterprise apps are typically built in .Net or Java.

      These days, more and more "backend as a service" providers are emerging where you don't even need to code a backend. Check out Firebase and Appbase (and treeline.io just hit the scene in the last couple days)...

      At the end of the day, it all depends what you're doing and how much you know or want to learn and how much you want to spend (time and money).

      Also - some websites are very large. Facebook, for example, might be primarily developed in PHP, but it also uses a bunch of other components to make it work - things like search or chat might be written in other languages, even C maybe, because those languages might provide advantages over others, given the problem being solved.
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    In order to create any website developer uses variety of tools and software to create site, edit graphics etc.Some of the fundamentals of website development are HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,AJAX and scipting languages.The most popular server side Scripting language used now a days is php. Its a hypertext preprocessor. Its a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive webpage.
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    Web apps are built in many languages because there are so many that are capable of providing dynamic content via a web server.

    Some of the popular languages out there for web sites include PHP, Perl, Ruby, Java and Python. There are also some Microsoft languages that can do this but I am not in that world.

    I personally develop web apps in Perl and this is mainly due to the fact that the company that I build apps for is a Perl shop. I will often use PHP for side projects and Wordpress plugins as well.

    So how do you get started?

    I like to have an idea of what I want to build and start there. The language is not very important, the concepts are what are important. PHP might be the lowest as far as difficulty to learn (Perl is right behind it). When I built my first web app I figured out what I needed to do and then searched on the internet for how to do it.

    So let's say we need to connect PHP to a database. I would just search for that and look at examples until I got it to work. Then on to the next task. After a few weeks of doing this I built a full application. I did not fully understand everything that it did and could probably not build it without google again but it was there. I repeated this for a while and then I would be able to come up with my own patterns and eventually became proficient in building web apps.

    Some people learn like me and others can read a book cover to cover and learn what they need to. That is not me but if it works for you then go for it.

    Don't worry about being a "Ninja" right out of the gate just make baby steps until your app is done and then on to the next.

    Good luck.
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    Everybody else pretty much summed it up nicely! I often use BuiltWith Technology Lookup when I get curious about a particular site; perhaps you might find it useful.
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    Developer uses variety of software to create Website. The fundamentals of website for front-end development are CSS, HTML and JAVASCRIPT . For back-end Development the language that being used are PHP, JAVA, PYTHON, C/C++.
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