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Hey everyone,

I'm trying to forward the email address that is submitted when opting in. Basically just forward that data to my thank you page.

(i.e. Your Discount Will Expire Soon!).

This seems to be much simpler in Aweber, but I haven't been able to find a solution to accomplish this in GetResponse.

Customer support sends me to the "forwarding data options" page (Forwarding data options - GetResponse Support).

I'm very comfortable with HTML, but none of this explains how to insert the user's email onto my thank you page (unless I'm missing something here).

Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Yes, they seem to explain how to retrieve the custom fields value, but not for other data, such as names or email.

    They also say that "The example modification is not essential if you want to forward basic data that was
 entered by the visitor"

    I never tried to get the user data on the thank you page.

    However, you can try this:

    After you setup your form, on "Settings" step,

    Choose to use "Custom Thank-you page" -> "Put the URL to the PHP file you will create below (eg.".

    Click on "Show advanced".
    Select from "Forward contact data:" -> "Forward contact".
    Choose from "Advanced forward contact data" -> "Forward via HTTP GET" -> "Forward all".
    Click on "Next step" and copy the form HTML code to use it on your custom thank you page.

    Use a PHP custom thank you page (not HTML), like thankyou.php

    Inside that file put this code where you want to display user email and name:

    <?php echo $}_GET['email']; ?>
    <?php echo $}_GET['name']; ?>
    (without the "}" before "$")

    When you submit the form and you are redirected to the thank you page, you should see user submitted data.
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    Thank you! Will give this a try and let you know how it goes...
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    Had someone ask a question about this post and if I was finally able to make this work.

    YES, I did. Below is how it is done.

    Just so you know, I had this outsourced and he emailed the instructions to me on how he was able to do it.

    So, you may be able to send these instructions to someone on Fiverr and have it done dirt cheap. I'm mainly referring to the "unset" you will read about below. Not sure how that's done. Someone here may be able to expand on that.

    Steps to show email on TY page in GETRESPONSE (Not AWeber!):

    1) First go to >> WebForm >> Choose From >> Setting click on show advance.

    Forward contact data: choose Forward contact data and from Advanced forward contact data: choose Forward via HTTP GET and Forward all.

    In page text editor in WordPress: add the given below code:

    [insert_php] echo $_REQUEST['email']; [/insert_php]

    For this the changes I have done:

    1) Added unset($_GET['name']);
    2) Installed one plugin: Insert PHP (

    Hope this helps!
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