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How important is it to know HTML5, PHP, etc. in mastering SEO; is it even necessary? I know minimally html is ideal but why learn any other programming for seo?

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    Knowing how to code let me understand how the SEs work a lot easier.

    Understand what you're reading in PHP and CSS, actually learn HTML at a minimum.
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    As a web developer, you only need a high level understanding on how SEO works. What is important is you work with someone who is knowledgeable on SEO and follow what is on the plan.

    As web developer, you need to have a complete plan and project specification built by the users, requester before you start working on a project.

    I rarely work on something that is not yet complete as it will only take a lot of time and prone to errors when you are to do changes midway.


    Sorry I've understood it the other way around since this is in the Programming Section of the forum.

    You don't really need to have much knowledge on Programming such as HTML PHP if you want to build a website. There are tools out there that will let you do the SEO work for you.

    For example

    Wordpress CMS + Yoast Plugin will do all the SEO stuffs for you even if you don't have any knowledge on HTML. All you need to do is setup everything and follow the instruction and you're ready to go.

    There are also SEO optimized themes that you can use. All you need to do is download and install the themes and you're ready to go.

    In fact, I wouldn't recommend you waste your time studying HTML CSS and PHP instead focus your time on marketing your website instead.

    I use all the tools that is available even if I know how to program simply because it saves a lot of my time. It also enables me to do more work. Work that will bring me the results that I want.
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