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What is a web framework and which is the best framework to build PHP websites?
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    It is like asking which icecream or car is best. You have to try them your self to know which fits your purpose and mindset. Symphony and Php fuel are popular these days. You could also try some CMS and see if it fits your purpose better.
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    Frameworks are foundations for building websites, it's not all the work but it's a great start if you're used to programming in a language.

    For PHP, there's CAKE, Codeigniter and Zend etc... and they all do great jobs, but if you have to ask your probably better starting off with a ready built content management system like Wordpress or Joomla, which also offers it's own framework.
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    If you want the best go with Code Igniter you won't be disappointed
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      Originally Posted by aaku

      I am actually a bit confused and I am not sure if I have to build it from scratch or using a framework and if I have to use framework, which one is better in my case?
      You should use a framework if you are building "custom things" that are non standard and have not been done before. If you are building a blog, webshop other common things you should use a CMS.
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    Hi there,
    There are a lot of framworks like codeignetor, yii , laravell but it depends upon which you feel ease.
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    +1 for Code Igniter

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    Like they said, its no best or worst.

    I always feared of upgrading them or that they will get discontinued soon after I finish project.

    So like many advanced coders I just created my very basic stuff (couple of classes) that I got 100% under my control.

    So there is my advice... just build some very basic stuff that works for you
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    This is not a very good question, as there is no best framework as such. Every php framework has it's own strengths. Depending on your requirements you choose the right one. If your requirement is a very complex site managing a lot of content with scalability and security issues, then you choose Drupal, if it's a simple blog with minimal programming, then use wordpress. If you require an MVC structure strictly, then use either Symphony, Laravel or CodeIgnitor. So according to your requirement, do your research and select the right framework, not the best one.
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      I personally think the best is what you personally prefer from experience, or what suits the development at hand. I like to use CodeIgniter a lot of the time for bespoke builds because it's pretty well structured, has many useful libraries, it's fast and pretty much extendible however I want.

      On the other hand, for general website builds I would almost always use Wordpress, unless it's just an ecommerce site then I would go for Magento for it's power. Wordpress is a great system to just install and go, but it's also easily customised and extended with themes and plugins. As well as countless free plugins already out there to do almost anything.

      So for example I own a growing viral website, as it's only 5 months old I built it on Wordpress to get things going, and makes my life easy to keep writing content. But as the site grows I will want to build my own CMS, probably on CodeIgnter so I have complete control over the site expansion.

      I hear Cake PHP is a good framework, but have never used it myself.
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    + Yii
    Laravel is great, Yii is faster. But I just started a war.

    However, if you are asking this question without providing details, you might just want to stick with WordPress.
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    Zend is the most known and has some very nicely built in features which mimic Rails mostly. I have worked with Symfony in the past and found it to be rather light weight and a nice alternative. Zend has nice ORM support, built in security features etc... You will have a lot to learn to leverage it properly. If your building a web application I suggest you learn about the MVC design pattern and go with one of the two. Once you learn the framework you will be able to rapidly produce features and other sites too.
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    A web framework is a collection of predefined functions. Which helps easier way to do designing and developing things.

    Code Igniter, Laravel are easy to se and learn..
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    yii is the best to start with.
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    You have at least have some basic knowledge in OOP than jump into frameworks
    and for the better one i think Laravel is the most elegant one of them all , coming from Zend definitely Laravel is big step forward
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  • Think about Laravel, I am learning it too
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    Hello David, Zend, Symfony, Codeigniter, Zend, laravell , PHP cake are some common ones out there to have a look at. What is the project for?

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    Laravel or CI

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    You can use Wordpress

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    Depending on scale - for small websites I use Slim Framework with Twig for bigger websites/applications Yii2
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    A framework is code used by developers to create applications, websites, etc faster and more efficiently. Over the years I have developed my own but I have used and recommend hands down Code Igniter too.

    Hope that helps.

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    Laravel is one of the most common framework and i use it,too
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    some popular frameworks for PHP like Zend framework, Joomla, Symfony, CodeIgniter etc.
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