What programming skill need to create a website?

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What is the main idea for creating a website with programing.? I have some knowledge about web design. But, I need more information about programming. Which way I have to follow for creating a unique website. What type of tools I have to use for this? I need some idea.

Thank you.
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    What type of website do you want to create?
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    HTML CSS & JS. A good start would be taking the free courses at CodeAcademy.
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    If you are newbie then best option for you is wordpress.Its easy to install and manage and there is a lot of good themes to find
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    Start small, start with html.

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    What kind of website you want to build?

    What is your business?
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    To build a unique website you should learn HTML. Once you learn HTML you can go to advance like CSS and JS.
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    Originally Posted by Justin Rock View Post

    What is the main idea for creating a website with programing.? I have some knowledge about web design. But, I need more information about programming. Which way I have to follow for creating a unique website. What type of tools I have to use for this? I need some idea.

    Thank you.
    What is the purpose of the website?

    If you want to make a simple landingpage/optinpage, then HTML (together with an autoresponder service) is enough to begin with.

    If you want to have several pages, then HTML and CSS is needed. If you want it to be dynamic/interactive then you need JavaScript and/or PHP, Ruby, Python etc. But normally HTML, CSS, JavaScript/PHP.

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    Hi brother,
    It depends on you. If you do hard coding then go for: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    Or there are some other options like Weebly and Wix where you can create a website even if you do not know a single line of code.
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    There are many platforms available which can create you an attractive website .You can use Magento , Wordpress & opencart in which creating of website is very easy in compare to actually coding in PHP or html.These open source provides many plugins also.
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    You opcourse have to know about HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT for creating a website. Then you should have to know other programing language like PHP. You will also know about web platform like WordPress.
    Note: HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT are the basic and mandatory.
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    simply for static website creating first basic knowledge of html,css,javascript and dynamic website you should learn dynamic server side scripting lang like as php,jsp,asp.etc
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    Html and CSS are the basics to create a website.

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  • You won't be able to get anywhere without HTML and CSS
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    just start with the basic HTML and CSS
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    Learn quickly from w3schools.They have everything you need to learn to become a good programmer.
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    Just download drupal and install it. Why recreate the wheel?
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    hello, I think you make a website using WordPress source code. flexible customization capabilities of Wordpress is amazing!

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    If you are in a hurry learn to create websites with CMS (wordpress/drupal) its childsplay.
    If you want to make more advanced things learn to code MVC in .NET or Spring.

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    You must have knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and CMS(WordPress).
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    Learn php programming. Or try WordPress or drupal .

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    Depends! you can do a blog with wordpress with any skill of programing.
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    Since you're not a programmer and as far as I understand have got no specific coding background, the most optimal way to go would be using a cms.
    The most popular for now are Joomla and WordPress. And there seem to be no compromise between the user and lovers of each of those So, you could try to create your site in, let's say WP, put it into test for a week or two, and then, to compare with Joomla, there's an automated tool I'm constantly using to migrate content, called cms2cms, since I'm, a web designer. You might try
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    As others said start from HTML/CSS. Then movie to javascript + jQuery. Followed by CMS like WP. But keep in mind that HTML/CSS is simple & can be learned quite easily, however when in comes to JS/jQuery/PHP it's not that simple. You need to be determined to do so.
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      Firstly you'll need to learn some client-side code to build the structure of the website with some styling and basic functionality. For this i'd make a start by learning the basics of the following:

      - HTML
      - CSS
      - JavaScript/JQuery

      There are loads of tutorials out there for making your first web page, as far as syntax and examples go the w3schools website is useful to begin with. From here once you've gained some confidence I'd take a look at the server side of things and look into coding with PHP and how it can be used to interact with databases, handle forms submissions, start user sessions etc.

      If you're looking for a quick-fix with minimal effort there are many content management systems out there that require little to no programming skills at all. These include WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal among many more.

      I for one hope you go down the programming route, if you have an analytical mind you'll find it quite fulfilling!
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    Databases (SQL, mongodb, etc)
    Image Manipulation
    Your favorite programming language (php/ruby/python/C#/Java, etc).

    That's what you'll need to know to be a successful full stack developer.

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    CSS3 & HTML5
    Responsive Web Design
    PHP and more !

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      I'd recommend taking it one step at a time. Start with HTML. Then add CSS to that.

      Next, add either JavaScript or a server-side language such as PHP (which is a good option in part because it's nearly universally supported, unlike some other languages, even though they may be technically superior. Also, you can work your way into PHP more gradually than some other languages).

      The decision about whether to do JavaScript or PHP first depends on whether you first need is for code that runs in the browser (JavaScript), or on the server (PHP).

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