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We are getting reports of some of our websites being redirected to a gen.xyz when people go to them. I can not duplicate the issue and have tried about everything I know to try to resolve and track it down.

One thing that seems to be in common is that in doing a tracert from those that are seeing the issue they all seem to see a hiccup around the same place before they are redirected to the incorrect site.

Here are the things that we have tried so far:

* Scanned the websites that are reporting this
* Checked the .htaccess files on the sites
* Had the users seeing the issues scan their pc
* Had User Clear Cache and Flush DNS
* Moved two of the sites to Godaddy's Managed Wordpress Hosting
* Removed the Nameservers we had in place and are using default at GoDaddy
* Purchased Site Lock and are having them run scans and having an engineer review

I am honestly at a loss of what the issue is and do not know where else to look. I am not able to duplicate and when I have the user try to go to the site using KPROXY - Free Anonymous Web Proxy - Anonymous Proxy they can access the site.

Any input or experience with this would be very helpful. Unfortunately, it appears to becoming more widespread and I am getting other reports of other sites doing the same thing.
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    It's strange that you haven't been able to replicate the problem. For the users for which it is happening does it happen all the time for them? Do they have anything in common e.g. location, using same browser, same type of device etc? If you're able to replicate it then that will be a big part of the problem solved.
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      agreed on the replication issue -- we did see a common thread on the ISP - but now we are seeing others on different ISP get the same thing.

      The SiteLock Engineers just confirmed that the sites are 100% clean

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      The point that it's only some people, and that the problem is growing, and the fact that you can't see the issue (yet), all sort of points to an issue with your sites' DNS records having been replaced. DNS typically takes a while, (e.g., days), to expire from different computers, which is why some people see the problem and others don't.
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        we are looking at that as well -- just can't see anything off yet on the DNS for any of the sites reporting the issues

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