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I'm looking for a script that would deliver activation keys from a list by email without repeating.

Any help is appreciated

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    I think there is a fairly simple answer to this problem. First, do you have any programming experience or just looking to implement something?

    Based on your initial post, it looks like you have a set list of keys and need to choose and send one by email once a product is registered. For a simple solution, I would put this list in a database with with an additional boolean column of "IsInUse". When needing a key, query a record from this table filtering out where "IsInUse" is true. After your email routine has finished, update the boolean value of this row to true so that it wont get used again.
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      Hi, Bill. Are these keys associated with a product you're selling? E-junkie can do this. Here's an excerpt from their features list:
      Works with stored pin codes as well as generated pin/registration codes.
      If you are selling phone cards or anything else which required stored codes, you can simply enter the codes while adding or editing your product and we will pick the codes from that list and send to the buyer. If you are selling a software or anything else need the registration code to be generated based on user data, we can call a script on your server with the user data and use the code generated by it.
      Even if you're giving away your product for free, I'm sure there's a way to configure it so E-junkie will deliver codes from your list. You could give everyone a 100% discount coupon, for example.

      E-junkie is an extremely reliable service for digital sales and delivery of all kinds. You'll find many other recommendations for them here on the WF. And the price is incredibly reasonable.

      I hope this helps.

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