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I'm not even sure how to google this problem but figured I might be able to explain it here, and maybe the community can help:

I have a very simple webstore - I have 1 $30 product with 4 color variants which I will ship to the customer for $7 within the US or $15 Internationally.

I have an accessory which I charge $7 for, but would like to offer at no additional shipping charge - within the US or Internationally.


1 x Product ($30) + shipping ($7 US) + 1 x Accessory ($7) should = $44.

1 x Product ($30) + shipping ($15 Int) + 1 x Accessory ($7) should = $52.

My thought is that 'shipping classes' should handle this seemingly simple idea, but shipping classes don't seem to contain 'shipping costs for this item' but instead only have shipping weight and dimension.

How can I disregard the 'blanket' shipping charge and instead choose shipping costs based on item?
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