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What is the best way to increase site speed without deleting any modules?
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    gzip compression and browser caching goes a long way.

    they are relatively easy to install and if you are using WordPress then there are plugins to do both of these.
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  • make sure all images are optimized for the web
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    Originally Posted by davidmillernyc View Post

    What is the best way to increase site speed without deleting any modules?
    Hi David

    One of the reason of a slow website is; your website may be having several errors. You need to optimize your website using the below mentioned link:
    https://validator.w3.org, You just need to put your website url to this website to get results. If you will correct the errors in your website, your website speed will surely increase.

    Another way is; you can check loading time of your website by the below mentioned link:
    https://gtmetrix.com. If you are getting low grades for your website, you need to improve them for better performance.

    These websites are the standards for optimization in the market. If you need any further help, you can PM me.

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    Hi David.

    Some advice from me:

    1. Use caching your site.
    2. Optimize the engine and scripting and CSS.
    3. Use Ajax technology. For example, to load images, you can use this plugin: https://plugins.jquery.com/lazyload/
    4. Use your browser cache (Expires).
    5. Remove from the top of the page, JavaScript and CSS, blocking display.


    If you have a wordpress website write to me in PM. I wordpress expert and have a wealth of experience in accelerating the sites on this engine.
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    you can follow these.

    1. Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    2. Make CSS and JavaScript External
    3. Eliminate Duplicate Scripts in a Web Page
    4. Optimize Images by Reducing image sizes using either GIF, PNG-8. or JPEG as the file formats.
    5. Avoid CSS Expressions
    6. Leverage browsing caching by using "expires" headers

    I can fix website issues only $5
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    You can enable CSS and JS aggregation as it converts all of the many CSS and Javascript files into just a few files, reducing the HTTP requests by a lot.
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    All above what other people are suggesting + Server memory

    Zeeshan Arshad
    Project Manager @ WebKumpany

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    Take advantage of cloudflare and Varnish. Cloudflare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network).
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    The best way to increase your site speed is, to use a server with a good connection. If you are in the US but your server is in Russia, than your website speed will be horrible because your website needs more time to load.

    So allways try to get your server there, where your costumers came from. If this donĀ“t help you, than get a dedicated server with a good CPU and RAM.
    Internet Marketer and professional Webdesigner! Ask me anything you wan´t about Internet Marketing or Webdesigning!

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    just active a page speed app in your hosting coanel , its located in your hosting cpanel
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      Images uploaded on server performs important role in Website Speed.
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    Hello, please see thread and look for my post, I tell you how it's done.


    Thanks Rob
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    There are a few changes you can make that should speed up your site, such as using a CDN or enabling browser caching. This article goes into more detail: Speed Up Your Website

    ~"Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others." - Groucho Marx~

    Currently writing and working for Spiral Media and thoroughly enjoying myself while I'm at it.

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    1. Use javascript to load your images.
    2. Precompile your assets.(Images, javascript, css)
    3. Use index on your database.
    4. Check your site logic to improve the functioning.
    5. Update your server.
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    Originally Posted by davidmillernyc View Post

    What is the best way to increase site speed without deleting any modules?
    It's pretty amazing that you got this many replies. You'd have to tell me something about the site and hosting for any helpful tips.

    Couple of examples:
    - If your site is heavy and you're struggling on a shared host changing servers could be the best thing you can do.
    - If it's a PHP site and you've got some influence over the server (or a good host) opcode caching is one of the best tricks to speed up a site.
    - If it's an average site using a popular CMS installing a HTML caching plugin is often a very good option.

    Do any of these apply in your situation? Beats me.
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    What's your excuse?
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    the best way to get the faster speed is to correctly upload of the pictures. there is also the some issue of the java script which you can learn from the google page insights
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