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Hi all,

I am looking to create something very similar to but for the fitness industry.

I have a site created through wordpress. I will negotiate deals with local gyms and then offer my customers these discounted rates.

Customers will come to my website, find a gym near them and then buy an epass for say £1 from my site, they will then automatically be emailed an e-pass with there name, name of the gym, expiry date and the discounted rate on.

How can i create this using Wordpress?

Many thanks
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      I am thinking you may be able to achieve this with a wordpress coupon plug-in. I've not used a plug-in like this with wordpress before but one of these plug-ins may help.
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    create a form in html that ask for their email and information
    then place it on your wordpress page
    after that in the form you use the action="processpage.php"
    where the php process will save the information of your user in a mysql database
    and right after you add php mailer that will send them an email with the body text that you decide. you can use this with gmail just create a gmail address and activate it for unsecure apps (because you will use php mailer to send emails trough your account)

    and thats pretty much what you need. this is longer than other methods but is fully customized to the information that you need.

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