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Why Wordpress is Recommended For Small Businesses as Their CMS Choice?
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    Hey wordpress recommended because it's updating regularly.
    It's also offer a lot of plugins that will allow you to to change and update your website easily.
    Today is the most common platform mainly for the way it update regularly..

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    Free + Easy to use + Lot's of plugin + Updates Regularly.
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    WoeWordPress has good community support. 25% of websites are running with WordPress.

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  • Profile picture of the author ethanmillar
    There are lots of reason to choose wordpress as your CMS following are most preferable reason to choose wordpress as CMS

    Wordpress already controls more than 20% of the world's sites
    Wordpress is really very easy simple to utilize CMS
    Wordpress is an open source platform
    Wordpress continually enhanced and kept up
    It’s very easy for SEO
    wordpress have 1000s of pre-Designed Themes (free and paid)
    Wordpress provides to Access plugins and extra usefulness
    There’s a worldwide support network
    Development can be more affordable
    It’s easy to integrate with other platforms
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  • Profile picture of the author Yadav Poonam
    I have been in the IT sector from more than 4 years, during this time I observed that WordPress is the only one open source CMS which is using by the developers in very large ratio. Following are the benefits of WordPress as CMS:
    1. Its Perfect For SEO.
    2. WP publish Content without Coding.
    3. Its having different themes for almost every industry.
    4. Massive Plugin Market.
    5. It is easy-to-update.
    6. Easy-To-Install.
    7. Free Open Source Software.
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  • Profile picture of the author Wiliam Haminton
    It's good for SEO
    Open Source
    Free Theme
    You don't need know programming !

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  • Profile picture of the author chantala
    optimized platform for web SEO
    Simplicity of integration of a responsive design
    Free CMS and open source
    Ease of use
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  • Profile picture of the author satvikpatel
    It has many reason to recommend Wordpress CMS. It is Free, huge plugin library, easily customized, easy to operate for users.
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  • Profile picture of the author mbwani
    Wp is seo friendly, easy to use, updating regularly, lots of plugin option, better dashboard.
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    is because it easy to customizable and full free cms where you will use most of smart feature for full free
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  • Profile picture of the author ashrafpeal
    You can easily manage your web content and image.It's also responsive.
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    Wordpress is so much flexible, up-to-date and responsive, coming rest API with huge features......

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  • It's good for SEO Open Source
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  • Profile picture of the author NEMESH
    It is easy userfriendly, does not require coding and does not consumes time and effort. It is secured also.
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  • Profile picture of the author Wooexpert
    Its very simple, easy to install and user friendly. WordPress CMS has more guide on Google then others platform.

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