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I just got my members website approved as recurring payment product in Clickbank.

Because of tech issues caused by my sales/pitch page not being on the same website as the members site, my developer used iframes for the Buy buttons (not the whole page, just the buttons).

It works fine, but when I recruit affiliates will their hoplinks be affected?

I don't want them to lose out on any commission.
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    As long as the affiliate cookie is being set then they should be fine. You should test the site to make sure affiliates are being credited for the sale. Here's a link on how to test a hoplink.
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      Many people, me included, don't allow cookies on my computer. How do you get around that?
      I consider cookies to be spyware.

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    Great, thanks Miles!

    I'm interested in Tony's question too, how does Clickbank get around that?
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    Cookies are very common, you need them to login to your bank, Facebook, you even need them enabled to login to Warrior Forum, so Tony Dean if you don't allow cookies I'm not sure how you logged in to post here.

    Regardless, I have been told by ClickBank that they attempt to track using other means such as IP, browser, etc. when a cookie isn't available but I cannot confirm that through testing.

    Although it does happen occasionally that someone purchases a product without a cookie or they deleted their cookie before purchase it's not common. If they do there is a chance the affiliate will not receive the commission in that case. Tracking whether cookies, pixels, or whatever is never 100%.
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    Thanks Miles :-)
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    I know this post is a few days old and I am sure you have things sorted out and figured out by now, but I just thought I would throw some confirmation in the ring as well...

    When someone clicks on a CB affiliate link, the cookie(s) is/are served from/to the Clickbank site and the Clickbank domain, so using iframes really doesn't have an effect on affiliate links or tracking. So, you shouldn't run into any problems.

    As for those who have cookies disabled, I can also personally attest to the fact that yes, Clickbank, DOES use other methods, alongside cookies, to track sales and affiliate links. Cookies are not 100% reliable (then again, what is, right?) and as such, many affiliate affiliate sites like Clickbank employ multiple methods of tracking.

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    Sorry JohnyData, only just spotted your reply there. Thanks for the reassurance. :-)
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      As long as you don't have a separate processor besides clickbank, affiliates should be awarded.
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