How to learn HTML & CSS ?

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How to learn HTML & CSS ?
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    Originally Posted by Wiliam Haminton View Post

    How to learn HTML & CSS ?
    You learn at W3Schools Online Web Tutorials online. This is the site that is dedicated to the programming language, very good and many users
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    W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
    Is The Perfect Website For Learning "HTML / CSS" and Other Language For Programmation And Web Developer
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    thanks for the answer !

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    W3Schools Online Web Tutorials provide the best theory with examples that are very effective to learn any programming language at initial stages.
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    Udemy has free courses for beginners. You should go to type html5 in the Browse Courses search, then under Price check the box Free.

    You will find a lot of good courses there. It's a good way to start out.

    No worries. You can learn html & css fast, it's easy.
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    There are many tutorials available on internet for getting details about HTML and CSS.
    W3School is an online site that provides step wise course of HTML and CSS. I got some tips from it.
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    The best free resource I've found is: Learn How-to Code by Envato Tuts+

    If you are willing to spend $30 or so for a month (or $300 for a year), is my favorite resource.
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  • Profile picture of the author onereik is not the best out there but it will make you learn some basic things, however to be a professional and good programmer you need to read and practice a lot.

    Also some professional programmers call w3schools "w3fools" they have good examples though but not the website to learn real programming from.

    If you are looking for free tutorials there are many out there on youtube, if you are ready to pay I suggest for a beginner
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    Learn with Codecademy
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    I'd recommend Codecademy's HTML course if you have any troubles with W3School's tutorials.
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    My two favorite websites to learn HTML and CSS are CodeAcademy and w3schools.
    W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

    Another good way to learn HTML is to download a couple of free HTML templates and play around with it.
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    I learned by making my current website with WYSIWYG programs like Dreamweaver. I then tried to edit things with the code view rather than the design view for a while, after a year or so, I was working with code view 100% of the time.

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    You can learn HTML/CSS on Lots of free courses
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    Firstly you have any knowledge if yes then you can use tools for learn html and css
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    This is a brilliant book and will stay with you for life

    Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML: First HTML with CSS & XHTML:
    Less work More money More time

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    Another good source is HTML Codes

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    And another suggestion is to do your own projects. This is so valuable thing to do when learning programming, even though if you can't program well at that specific moment it will pay off in the long run on how to solve problems.

    Programming is not only typing some code for computer to understand it, but most of programming is spent with problem solving. This skill is very vital.
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    if you want to learn HTML and CSS. there are many way.
    1. Book. you will learn html and css by reading book about it.
    2. watching video. you can search youtube then you get many video about it. you can learn it.
    3. From website. you can learn from google. and you can learn
    w3school is the most familiar and good for you.
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    I downloaded Frontpage back in the 90s but you can do the same thing today and just download Dreamweaver from Adobe.

    I played around with it for less than a week and got the hang of it. HTML and CSS are just scripting and markup languages so there isn't really any programming logic in learning them.
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  • Profile picture of the author azizrp is best for learning Html and css
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    Originally Posted by Wiliam Haminton View Post

    How to learn HTML & CSS ?
    Hello ,
    You can watch video from youtube or try w3schools .Both are the best for html5 and css3 .
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    W3Schools Online Web Tutorials online.
    Always Better...!!!
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    Saw tutorials regarding HTML and CSS on You Tube. There are various useful tutorials.
    For theory read some books of both.
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    "tutorials point" is also a good choice.
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    Read books and tutorials online. Go to the library and research html and css. Read tutorials online by going to, or Practice what you learn by learning how to code.
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    There is a lot of tutorials on youtube and you can easily learn from youtube step by step .and you can learn also from

    For Website and Graphic Design service I am available.

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    Take help of both w3 schools and tutorialpoint for learning CSS and HTML. Also take help of several forums discussion for learning the programming languages. You should create CSS and HTML files and call the CSS file in Html file to see the changes. <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="theme.css">
    Save css file with .css extension while html file with .html or htm extension.
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    I'd suggest to learn HTML and CSS. This is the best site for beginners who want to learn HTML and CSS
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    In my oponion Codecadamy is one of a few great free places to start learning web development.

    Code Academy is an education company that provides free interactive programming lessons on various topics, such as HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP and Python. You must sign in with an account but all resources are free.

    Code Avengers is a provider of interactive online tutorials that teach visitors how to code games, apps and websites with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They offer three levels of interactive courses on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with more coming in January 2014.

    Shay Howe’s “A Practical Guide to HTML & CSS,” is a simple and comprehensive guide dedicated to helping beginners learn HTML and CSS, covering all of the fundamentals. This guide covers all common elements of front-end design and development. Once completed, you can move on to the advanced guide.

    Mozilla Webmaker is an interactive toolset for beginners with two useful and fun tools: Thimble and X-ray Goggles. Thimble is an interactive code editor similar to what you’d get in Code Academy but you can run any code you find in any of the tutorials on this page. X-ray Goggles lets you inspect and change code on any webpage you surf. Webmaker also comes with a bunch of templates you can ‘remix’ and share.

    Site Point is a respected web development and programming publishing house that has been around since the late 90’s. They’ve published a number of great books and have a treasure trove of tutorials, books, articles, and even courses via their private course platform, Learnable.

    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards. Led by Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee and CEO Jeffrey Jaffe, W3C’s mission is to lead the Web to its full potential. It is the top authority on HTML and has plenty of suitable learning materials.
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    There are various online tutorials who can teach you HTML & CSS. But, you should have some technical knowledge beforehand. If you want professional training, look for some good training institute, they have professional tutors to help you anytime.
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    You can learn at .


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    At my initial Html & CSS learning period, easy and free of cost sites is w3schools, codeacademy and Tutorialpoint.
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    Best sources to learn about HTML/CSS,
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    For beginners, learn, and Also there are good demos you can find at Youtube. Enrolling at online courses is also an option. Your choice.
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    This is an Amazing tool to use...Website Design HTML Course
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    You can learn online through various tutorials. There are also many websites available for it like w3schools, etc.
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    I recomend you w3schools and google... you can also see related video on youtube.
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  • Originally Posted by Wiliam Haminton View Post

    How to learn HTML & CSS ?
    Hi Wiliam.

    If you really want to learn HTML & CSS, then you can search HTML, CSS tutorial, But keep one thing in mind do practice by own on Note Pad..Because it only comes by own practice. So definitely you learn from W3Schools Online Web Tutorials or search by google there is a lot of stuff available..

    But the main thing do try by own..

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  • Profile picture of the author noyon is best I think. You do not need to go anywhere. Everything is there.
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    Hi there, well for learning HTML, CSS, there are many sites but the best sites online are 1. w3schools - it has a large library of HTML, CSS, then programming languages and many more.

    2. tutorialspoint- This site is also more or less equivalent to the w3schools you can read them both and decide to learn from any of these sites.

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  • W3 School is a best place to learn online HTML and CSS.Their method of teaching is very simple and you will learn these languages in days.
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    I am also recommend you lecturer also recommend it to us to lear html css java script and php.Its in simple english and You can lean them and try it out your self.
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      The Top 3 programming languages to learn is HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery/Javascript.

      You pretty much do anything you want from web dev to gaming apps.
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    Originally Posted by Wiliam Haminton View Post

    How to learn HTML & CSS ?
    W3Schools is the best site to learn languages
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    w3school is best place to learn html and css

    W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
    I will advice you to learn html5 and css3
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    W3Schools is the best place for that. You have also a lot of tutorials on Youtube, and of course, there are a lot of books for that. But it's better sometimes to use internet because things in this world change really quickly
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    You can learn from various online portals,you can also obtain certification from there if you perform well in certification test.
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